Friday, 22 August 2008

Record of the Lodoss War DVD boxset

In the late eighties and early ninties, people were much fascinated with dragons, knights, elves, dwarfs and etc... That was the era when animes and games based on knight fantasy started to emerge. Some of which we are familiar with may include Dungeons and Dragons, Fire Emblem, Warsong, Langrisser, Legend of Zelda and Record of Lodoss War.

Before even Lord of the Ring existed, we were already exposed to knight fantasy through Record of Lodoss War. Record of Lodoss War featured many classes of warriors including knight, thief, elve, dwarf, magician, berserker, healer and summoner.

I have watched this anime times and times again but never got sick of it. Keeping the original DVD boxset as a collection definitely is worth it. The DVD boxset is in Japanese dialogue and English dubbed with English subtitles. It is released by U.S Manga.

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