Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Playstation Macross 'Do you remember love'

Front cover of the game

Back cover of the game

A look at the inside

The contents within

On the left~ front cover of Playstation version
On the right ~ front cover of SEGA Saturn version

On the left~ back cover of Playstation version
On the right ~ back cover of SEGA Saturn version

I bought this Macross 'Do you remember love' Playstation game to recapture the sweet memories of the one I played on SEGA Saturn. Is was quite unfortunate that SEGA game console empire was seized by Playstation as this amazing console hit us like tornado.

Fortunately, the same game was released in Playstation format after I had decommissioned my SEGA Saturn. If only Playstation have edited the game so that it could accommodate two players. The game would definitely be extra fun this way.

A video clip from the game...


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