Monday, 30 June 2008

Gloomy @ Singapore Toy Games & Comic Convention 2008

Even the adorable Gloomy Bear had made it's way to '2008 Toys and Comic Convention'.

It was rather crowded the time when I was there so as such I could hardly take any decent pics at the Gloomy Bear booth.

What a surprise to see the creator of Gloomy Bear Mr Mori Chack in person. Again because of the moving crowd pushing from behind, I could only take a snap shot of Mori Chack unglamorously wrapping perspiration on his forehead. Well! At least that's a Gloomy Bear handkerchief.

Here's a mega size display board of Gloomy Bear @ the convention. Forgotten to pose beside it to tell you the size. It's life-size and stands about 1.5m tall.

Here's my Gloomy Bear soft toy that I bought for Irene in Singapore one or two years back at China Square. Uncle Ng told me it's rare and true enough, I hardly have seen this huggable pink cutie on sale elsewhere.

I first seen Gloomy bear when I saw this wallet a few years back during my overseas trip to Hong Kong. I didn't even know the name of this bear at the time but I bought the wallet for Irene mildly because I find wallet very nice.

Treat your teddy bears with care before they turned gloomy and viciously man-handled you...


ANTON C said...

Mori Chack is a student of the disaster school of sweating.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Yes! And you would be the master of the disaster school of sweating. Ha! Ha!

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