Friday 20 June 2008

Command Gundam

Front view of box

Back view of box

Toy on styrofoam insert

Instruction and sticker sheet

Command Gundam on display

Never before have I seen this Gundam in any of the Gundam animes. This is a vintage Gundam manufactured by Bandai in year 1989. The box stated that this gundam is call Command Gundam and it stands about 12" in height. If you search Ebay, this Gundam will fall under category of Gundam Cloth series. The toy is made of good quality durable plastic that still look as good as new despite it's age. It comes with extra armour that can be attached to the Gundam. Just take a look at the weaponry! It has beam rifle, machine gun that looks like GPMG, grenades and rocket launcher. It's jungle warfare, 'Rambo' style!

Let's watch this video on Gundam commercial...

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