Thursday, 17 April 2008

Macross "Do You Remember Love"

Front view of DVD casing

Back view of DVD casing

Inner view of DVD casing

For those who knows little of Macross, you can begin with watching the movie version first. It is titled "Macross Do You Remember Love". It kind of summaries the Macross TV series with some variations. In general, It is a love story that took place in a space fortress known as SDF1. The most appealing part to this animation is the valkyrie. It is a three mode fighting machine. Wow! Fascinating! The DVD I'm having is not the original version as the original version only comes with Japanese dialogue without English subtitle. I used to own the original DVD version for collection. However, I have sold it to a good friend namely Mr K cos he wanted it more than I do. There is a short clip from "Macross Do You Remember Love" Playstation one game.

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