Friday, 16 January 2009

Romance of Three Kingdoms X

Front cover

Rear cover

The content

I have skipped Romance of Three Kingdoms IX cos I didn't own it. The primary reason is because I don't like the game play as the format is too real time. Koei probably realised it and Romance of Three Kingdoms X is back the tradition ROTK game play. Not to mention that the graphic gets better every new release.

The game offers players the opportunity to take on the role of 650 characters and create up to 110 new officers. You'll govern the wartime and diplomatic aspects of your kingdom, creating rogue armies and negotiating treaties. Your kingdom is constantly under threat of being attacked by the enemy and even a minor skirmish can escalate into large scale military conflict. Players will experience over 200 dramatic events that are interpreted differently by every character as they shape the game world according to their own decisions and actions. (A review FROM IGN, hosted by Neoseeker)

Here's the intro...

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Unknown said...

Do you know where I can find this game? (I mean, a real store, not one in the web).

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