Sunday, 19 November 2017

Dragon Ball DBZ Resolution of Soldiers Volume 5 - Future Trunks + Repainted Ver.

Future Trunks painted version

Comparison between painted (left) and original (right)

Original version @ outdoor shoot

From the hit anime and manga series, Dragon Ball Z, this prize figure released back in Feb 2017, is the fifth instalment in the Resolution of Soldiers , Future Trunks gets ready for action! There are very few licensed product of future Trunks in this outfit, therefore Banpresto hit the jackpot with this close adaptation, focusing on the moments of resolution during a fierce battle! The look and style of the highly recognized Resolution of Soldier figure line has taken figure fans by storm. I bought 2 figures of these and I especially like the customised painted version by professional, enhancing the shading and adding panel lines making the character more manga / anime like. Which do you prefer?  

Pissed-off facial expression with uncommon appearance of Trunks pulling his spandex white left glove, great detailed fix posed figure, good size @ 17cm, and not too pricey yet surpassed most standard for a great addition to any Dragon Ball DBZ collection. The fifth soldier in the collection, Future Trunks from the legendary Dragon Ball Z anime and manga franchise is captured gearing up for the next battle to come. Future Trunks geared up with Bulma's made Saiyan's suit, not easily torn when subjected to intensive training inside hyperbolic time cabin. 

Trunks as he has finished training with Vegeta, and is now ready to face the Androids invasion. Since, he's a half human and half Saiyan, his hair grew long with expedited time which the light purple-haired hair looks ever so cool on Trunks. Banpresto did an impressive job on the paint works with cool shading on Trunk's attire. Standing at 6.75" tall, this light purple-haired hardened warrior will have Dragon Ball fans from around the world clamoring to put this in their collection! Minor assembly required and includes a base.


chrismandesign said...

Yep, the custom painted version of Future Trunks adds much theatricality to the expression and pose of the character (a bit too much maybe, HEHE) and it’s more faithful to the manga/anime design, with hard shadows and solid blocks of color... The affordable price of Banpresto statues of this line, makes easier for collectors to pick up both, instead of making a hard decision between them... The good size is better for adding detail, but no so good when you lack of space for exhibition, anyway, Banpresto is doing a great job with this line and I think collectors are responding accordingly !!!... =D

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Chrismandesign
May the black shading is a bit over haha.. somehow I like the repainted more. I especially like characters wearing Saiyan suit and that a strong reason of getting this figure and there are not many figure of Trunks in this suit. You bet I will have more post on DBZ figure by Banpresto...

deSMOnd said...

The figure looks great with power effect placing around..

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Desmond
The effects are all thx to Bandai and they have absolutely amazed fans with all sorts of effect parts these days!

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