Sunday, 18 June 2017

Toushin Toshi II - Hazuki Mizuhara 1/6 Scale Figures

Female protagonist from an ergo game 'Toushin Toshi II' back in the days of early PC era. Hazuki Mizuhara is the daughter of swordsman, trained in swordsmanship entering Toushin tournament. A fighting journey that happens every year, the best of fighters enter to win the coveted 'God of Battle' title. What I like about this figure is the the armor worn by Hazuki shared many similarities to typical knight fantasy games and anime in the 80s such as Langrisser and Fire Emblem. 

Realistic figure of a brilliant armor, faithfully reproduces Hakuki in PVC figure, in her willowy cloak beautiful sword mounted to the rear and small shield on left forearm. As a bonus the figure also includes cast off bra armor to reveal Hazuki's assets. It is a surprise find to me during my visit to a local hobby shop. The figure was introduced as part of 'Forever Heroine Series', manufactured by Atelier-Sai licensed under ALICESOFT. On the box, it says you need to be at least 18-year-old to own it. 

I feel that the skin tone of the figure isn't as fair as that was printed on the promotional pics nonetheless the figure is still nice with those big round eyes and would say this classic figure is pretty hard to come by. Which leads to me to also getting the alternate colour of the the same figure from eBay. The pink version is a limited released whereby only 500 pieces were released. The skin tone of the pink version is fairer in comparison. 


deSMOnd said...

Bro, I guess you must be a huge fan of this character..Bought two version of the same figure :)

chrismandesign said...

This character has the style of anime series or movies from late 80s to early 90s, which I guess is the time when this game was released... being old collectibles, is very understandable the low availability of the statues; perhaps these statues were released more than 10 years ago and bearing that in mind, I think that the sculpt and paint job are more than satisfactory, buuuuuut I disagree regarding the skin tone, pal... I feel that the blue version is more accurate, since in the pictures of the actual character included in the publication, she looks a bit tanned and the pink version seem to need more love of the sun, (just imagine her "assets") LOLOLOLOLOLOL !!!... =D

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Desmond
I first bought the original version and there after get the pink version after researching more about it.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Chrismandesign
At first, I wanted to sell them off after taking pics but realized them are still very dear to me. The quality sure stands against time and I loved them even they are little known to others.


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