Friday, 19 February 2016

Full Metal Panic! : 1/48 Armslave Gernsback M9 Sosuke Sagara Version

Gernsback Pic1 photo Gernsback Pic1 _zpsst4cxa04.jpg

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Gernsback Pic11 photo Gernsback Pic11_zpsge1yjb9m.jpg
Sosuke Sagara pilot not included

Gernsback Pic12 photo Gernsback Pic12_zps5itaa4kp.jpg 

A serious note on Full Metal Panic with one of the coolest grunt unit. My first attempt on Aoshima kit is Sosuke Sagara's personalized Armslave Gernsback M9 in 1/48-scale. IMHO, Bandai still remain the most friendly kit nonetheless I very glad that Aoshima bother to give this mecha a chance in a bigger form. 1/48 is an amazing size that's comparable to any typical MG Gundam. Even gaps and lines are pretty obvious at some area when straight built, the kit is still relatively poseable with polycapped joints for varieties of dynamic action poses. Other gimmicks included an openable cockpit hatch, plus the two included anti-tank daggers can be stored inside the openable compartments underneath each shoulder. Quite an impressive range of armaments from shotgun, rifle, rifle case, cutter with sheath and Sosuke's custom assault rifle. Optional hands are also provided. Full Metal Panic is definitely a top 5 anime in my list of favourite mecha anime


chrismandesign said...

HEHE... I thought first that it was an action figure from any of the lines available in Tamashii Nations, Robot Spirits, because at naked eye the matte finishing gives a rubberish feeling, but no, I was wrong =P... In fact, it’s a kit by Aoshima, a brand with which I’m not familiar, at least not when it comes to mechas, rather I knew that they make scale models of cars, mainly from Japan... OH, and the iconic U.S.S. Sulaco (from the Aliens, the movie), originally made by Halcyon... A nice kit and grunt unit anyway !!!... =D

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Chrismandesign
I'm so sad, after the matte finishing, the plastic look was gone but it became rubberized look. Lolz... I'm not sure if robot damashii has Gernback but I can confirm there's Arbalest in action figure robot Damashii. Gernback has a metal composite toy of this size but the model kit is more economical for me ^_^

Yami said...

I had the Complete team of the FMP team and i think Aoshima did a great job on the kit. In near future i will probably repaint the kit though since they were straight build back then.

FMP is very good Real Robot series but it is unfortunate that the series cant have any anime sequel due to Licensing BS. But at very least we got the manga that gave proper conclusion of the series.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Yami
You are so fortunate to complete the series of FMP kits. My other kit of FMP is Arbalest and it's also a straight built. Glad to learn that you haven't forgotten your kits and have plans to eventually paint them. I bit difficult for me as I have many backlogs. Hate it when licensing issues hindered the anime sequels of many good stories.


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