Monday, 18 May 2015

Variable Action Hi Spec Orguss Orgroid Megahouse 超時空世紀オーガス

I must be out of my mind getting this toy! It's way out of my budget and it just burnt a hole in my wallet. Worst part was I didn't preordered from 'Amiami' it since I couldn't tell how good from the promotional pics back then. Only to realize the toy was sold out fast as soon as it was released and I had to cough out nearly five hundred Singapore dollars. Well, I did pondered a well before purchasing it from ''. Just like to highlight that the postage parcel from '' was well cushioned so the toy box had some stressed marks. Wasn't too severed however I think '' postage for toys still have room for improvements.

I'm so excited to review this Orguss as no other Orguss had come close to the articulation and faithfulness Megahouse had achieved on this nostalgic mecha. The packaging took some styles of the old 80s Takatoku design in terms of colour and texture. Megahouse's packaging has a more book feel with flip-open cover to view the actual toy through the window. Instead of styrofoam like what was used by Takatoku, Megahouse's insert trays are typically clear plastic. No specific scale was given to this Orguss however it stands approximately 18cm, slightly smaller than 1/40 scale Takatoku version. Certainly more sleeked and curved to anime accuracy. When I first hold the Variable Action Hi-Spec Orguss, the feeling was great! There was lots of weight and the joints were really tight. It very much like a chogokin which provided satisfying heft, thanks to the generous amount of die-cast. I'm impressed with the proportionality of this new Orguss, IMHO the best so far. Transformation was relatively closed to the Takatoku version, of course with lots more fine tuning and adjustments, refining between its four modes: Orgroid, Gerwalk, Fighter and Tank!

Just to take note of frail joints such as the elbow and be caution with paint scratch especially when concealing the head cover with antenna. The toy was accompanied with some additional accessories like two pairs of missiles and a pair of torpedoes which affixed to the wings. There were an additional pairs of optional hands for clenched or unclenched fists. There are some parts like plates to cover hollow areas of the toy for better visual sight and accuracy. A clear base was also provided but somehow I feel that the stand was not strong enough to support and balance the weight of the toy in Orgroid (robot) mode. Despite the shortcoming, the stand base worked well with another stabilizing plastic bar in supporting the toy in Fighter (plane) aerial mode. The imperfection in my opinion would be the exposed screws near the neck and seam lines running along the limbs.

I would like to share some light about the history of Orguss before ending this review. Orguss was inspired by the well received 'Macross Super Dimension Fortress'. It kind of explained the multiple modes of Orguss alike Valkyrie in Macross. The mecha designer responsible for Orguss is Mr Kazutaka Miyatake, who is renowned for the design of the famous Super Dimension Fortress SDF-1. Other iconic mecha include Dunbine. In fact, Orguss had its in split second screen appearance in Macross battle scene. Classic unit that was left on the sidelines and often ignored and not deployed when many played the game 'Super Robot Wars' SRW.


chrismandesign said...

this must be one of those ironic cases of disregarded anime TV series, which are taken as basis to produce highly sought merchandising... a pretty risky bet in a rather ruthless market, i must say, but sometimes it happens...

you must be a hardcore fan of this mecha, since you were audacious enough to spend such amount of money in a single action figure !!!...

i can see the great quality in every aspect of this figure, but it must be more impressive "in person" !!!... =D

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Chrismandesign
This toy indeed hit me hard for the price and the respond to the release was unexpected. Oh Father I have sins! My sins to spend my hard earn money in exchange for some happiness and satisfaction. The toy is really great and I had to transform it gently so as not to damage it or my heart would sink.. Hee Hee! It's the type of toy that's not easy to come by. I'm glad my dearest wife have always been supportive and understanding ^_^

deSMOnd said...

We are very lucky that our wife doesn't stop us collecting toys..

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Desmond
Yeah! In life, it's no how wealthy we are but how blessed we were ^_^


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