Thursday, 14 May 2015

SIMPLY TOYS Stores - Collectibles

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Real size Iron Man and War Machine

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Awesome display with light spectrums

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Kotobukiya Bishoujo...

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Star Wars...

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D.C Heroes ...

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Marvels Heroes ...

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I blogging about these local toys and collectibles stores 'Simply Toy' to say how impressive I am to see how the retail stores had grown over the years. I'm not exactly attracted to 'Simply Toys' for their pricing but more for the convenience and trust (No Fake). Well, they do have good offer during events  such as STGCC, I must say. To my understanding, they used to have outlets at Suntec City and Raffles Link Mall. Now the ones that I frequent are outlets at Plaza Singapura, Bugis and Vivo City. 

What impresses me most are the displays at their stores. The size of the store at Vivocity is especially big with lots of displays of exquisite toys and statues. Kind of like a gallery for mainly western collectibles with big names like Marvel, D.C, Star Wars... Etc. Some of the statues are costly items which convinced me that the stores have strong financial backing. 

Members of the store can enjoy a 10% discount. You need to spend over certain amount to qualify and spend a certain amount to maintain the membership. Personally, I'm not a member so I would seek my friend, whose a member, to help me purchase. Some of my previous loots from the stores are Bishoujo, Transformers and Kotobukiya kits. I believed a huge pool customers come from preorder items and patronage by overseas shoppers from neighbouring countries.


deSMOnd said...

Yes Dennis, I agree with the statements you have..The lady boss has a strong financial background and I also love the pricing of some of the items there..At least all the prices are clearly labelled and you won't need to worry about fake products :)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Desmond
Cool, I have a supporter for my statement. Thank you always assisting me to procure item there.

Daniel Grove said...

I like the fact they have them all on display out of the boxes. I think this gives us as buyers an advantage to see it on a shelf in full view.

Sorry to say I have found nothing like that he in the US in my neck of the woods.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

It's cool for potential buyer to see the actual products on display. The display instill confidence in buyers.


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