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Super Dimension Century Orguss 超時空世紀オーガス : 1/40 scale Orgroid - Takatoku

Orguss Takatoku Pic1 photo Orguss Takatoku Pic1_zpsocl5jn7q.jpg
Packaging similar to 1/55 Macross Valkyrie

Orguss Takatoku Pic2 photo Orguss Takatoku Pic2_zps7pxxqlzl.jpg

Orguss Takatoku Pic3 photo Orguss Takatoku Pic3_zpsq6sm0j5m.jpg

Orguss Takatoku Pic4 photo Orguss Takatoku Pic4_zpsqjy5h0k8.jpg

Orguss Takatoku Pic5 photo Orguss Takatoku Pic5_zpshwacdlyf.jpg

Orguss Takatoku Pic6 photo Orguss Takatoku Pic6_zpsvyesvekl.jpg

Orguss Takatoku Pic7 photo Orguss Takatoku Pic7_zps6iuxr4ym.jpg

Orguss Takatoku Pic8 photo Orguss Takatoku Pic8_zpsitifcrv7.jpg

 photo Orguss Takatoku Pic9_zpsetoymevh.jpg

 photo Orguss Takatoku Pic10_zpsokjk17qo.jpg

 photo Orguss Takatoku Pic11_zpsqmcilwi4.jpg

 photo Orguss Takatoku Pic12_zps4yhg4d3w.jpg

 photo Orguss Takatoku Pic13_zpsr8qfxlp2.jpg

 photo Orguss Takatoku Pic14_zps5mhq49zh.jpg  photo Orguss Takatoku Pic15_zps6zocvso2.jpg

 photo Orguss Takatoku Pic16_zpssxbiexka.jpg

 photo Orguss Takatoku Pic17_zpsvwutkz8v.jpg

 photo Orguss Takatoku Pic18_zps4x1sjeqr.jpg

 photo Orguss Takatoku Pic20_zpsrwy4c9fp.jpg

 photo Orguss Takatoku Pic19_zpsem9nr4di.jpg

 photo Orguss Takatoku Pic21_zpsw8yljs4r.jpg

Orguss in Macross photo Orguss in Macross_zpsetx0bkjz.jpg
Orguss on SDF-1 in Macross DYRL battle scene

If i'm not wrong, there were two version of Orguss Orgroid released by Takatoku back then in 1983, there were the green and brown visor. I'm happened to be the brown visor version. As you can see, the visor on the head and cockpit cover were tainted brown.

The packaging of this 1/40 scale Orguss shared a lot of resemblances to the 1/55 chunky monkey valkyries made also by Takatoku in the 1980s. This 1/40 scale Takatoku Orguss Orgroid toy is as old as the 1/55 scale Takatoku Macross toy and both the toys are about the same physical size. Just that Orguss was made boarder as a toy with an addition mode which is the 'tank' mode.  1/40 scale Orguss did come with a miniature figure of the pilot, Kei Katsuragi of the Freedom Space Corps.

This is definitely the very first perfect transformation of Orguss achieved by Takatoku and it kind of sad to learn that Takatoku no longer existed but left a legacy of making creativity toys in our hearts. The transformation was very direct as I didn't need to refer to instruction manual changing it to different mode. Unfortunately, mine had some yellowing on the chest and left elbow was pretty loose.  

'Super Dimensional Century Orguss' came from the creator of 'Super Dimensional Fortress Macross' and was introduced shortly after Macross' popularity. Despite the awesome mecha design that comes in four interchangeable modes (fighter, gerwalk, tank, battroid), Orguss anime wasn't very successful. Maybe it's because of the slow and unappealing plot that really turn me off after I had watched only the first few episodes.


chrismandesign said...

watching the original opening, i can see the great quality of the animation for Orguss !!!... after the success of Macross, you can hardly expect something better, even from the same creator (albeit, sometimes it actually happens)... the mecha design, on the other hand, is quite innovative, as you pointed, instead of 3 modes (which is daring), they offer 4 modes !!!...

Takatoku is a brand i have heard about, but unfortunately, i have nothing made by them in my collection... this toy, despite the longevity, the yellowing and the loose articulation, still looks in very good condition... moreover, it has for me, the same level of quality you could expect from CM’s and that’s a very high standard, in my opinion !!!... =D

deSMOnd said...

Its neck seems a bit short :)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Chrismandesign
The opening of Orguss has this Gundam OYW feel. It also seems like Orguss was produced before Macross although Orguss to my knowledge was of a later production after Macross' success. It was not as big of a bang compared to Macross or Gundam and definitely far from Transformers. Still the mech has a place in some of our hearts. I grew up playing Takatoku Macross valkyrie. Memories are priceless.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Desmond
Actually, the head looks kind of small too. Vintage toy didn't have much of proportionality given the technology those days.


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