Sunday, 10 May 2015

Fire Emblem Exceed A Generation Sigurd Figure

Fire Emblem Sigurd photo Sigurd_zpsajkjsoou.jpg

Fire Emblem Sigurd Figure 7 photo Fire Emblem Sigurd Figure 7_zps3e2jpzce.jpg

Fire Emblem Sigurd Figure 1 photo Fire Emblem Sigurd Figure 1_zpsuwrzzl2t.jpg

Fire Emblem Sigurd Figure 2 photo Fire Emblem Sigurd Figure 2_zpsvjqwjyc7.jpg

Fire Emblem Sigurd Figure 4 photo Fire Emblem Sigurd Figure 4_zpsjgr8e5pv.jpg

Fire Emblem Sigurd Figure 6 photo Fire Emblem Sigurd Figure 6_zpsazg8mqgk.jpg

Fire Emblem Sigurd Figure 3 photo Fire Emblem Sigurd Figure 3_zpswdg5fjhu.jpg

Fire Emblem Sigurd Figure 8 photo Fire Emblem Sigurd Figure 8_zps9h3fin8r.jpg 

We have come to the final of these Nintendo Classic trophies, from the iconic Fire Emblem Exceed A Generation. Let me finished it with the heroic protagonist of the Famicom game. Seisen no Keifu Character Figures aka Fire Emblem Exceed a Generation is a figurine collection that have the characters from Fire Emblem, featured as a Trading Figure (Japanese blind-box figure). This figure stands 4.75" (11.5 cm) in height, with a 3" in diameter base. Packaged in a color box, with Japanese text. Requires simple assembly. It includes a textured, circular base, with an English label of the game "Fire Emblem" on the front. Sigurd prestige figure comes in his sword and cape. 

He's in a pose that's ready to strike in a duel. Sigurd (シグルド Shigurudo, translated Siglud in the Japanese version, is a hero class character who's possessed the skill in both swordsmanship and jousting. A prince of Chalphy Castle and a Holy Knight in the Kingdom of Grannvale, the central country on the continent of Jugdral. His kind-heartedness and strong sense of honor eventually earned him the title of a legendary Hero.


chrismandesign said...

looks like a pretty old game, by the graphics HEHE... yet, that’s the way all the videogames we know nowadays started and most times, they still have some of that charm after all these years...

the figure has that vintage looks too and has a pretty decent resemblance with the box/card art taken as reference... the base is not quite my style, but holds properly this trading figure which, otherwise, would fall easily... =)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Yeah, vintage game however Fire Emblem installments are always smart and challenging. The quality of this trading figure surpassed even many other recent releases. The figure indeed resembled the game character well. The base was supposed to be castle flooring like.


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