Thursday, 7 August 2014

Valkyria Chronicles Alicia Melchiott Figure - SEGA

Alicia Figure SEGA Pic1 photo AliciaFigureSEGAPic1_zpsace5d56a.jpg

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Alicia Figure SEGA Pic21 photo AliciaFigureSEGAPic21_zps13bed799.jpg 

Bishuojo of Alicia Melchiott which I had procured in Japan @ Akiba flea market which I had not seen any selling locally. From highly popular tactical role-playing PS3 game developed and published by SEGA (which is also the manufacturer of the figure), titled Valkyria Chronicles (戦場のヴァルキュリア) which also has its game adapted anime. Fictitiously setting similar to war conflicted Europe during WWII, Alicia, who volunteered herself as a non-commission officer in the military sand transformed herself from a small town girl into a soldier, not knowing that she possesses the power of a Valkyria by inheritance, that eventually played a key role in turning the tide of the war. I didn't play the game yet. Nonetheless, I will be watching out for a pre-owned. 

I did watched the anime like how the anime kicked off with smart tactics deployed by Lieutenant Welkin Gunther with the of his father's prototype tank, Belgen's prototype tank from ththe Edelweiss, together with his fellow Squad 7 members and the use of until the outbreak of Valkyrias'power. 

Valkyria Chronicles Alicia Melchiott pre-painted, non-posable completed figure in approximately 7" in height with square tile-looking base. Made of ABS and PVC, Alicia in her Federation uniform with short adorable tie, slinging her rifle over right shoulder. Noticed the two wok-looking-plates which protect the hip. Rather short inviting skirt (dangerous with hand grenade at the rear) , long boots and long socks. A soldier in her innocent and gentle facial expression. Alicia wears her iconic baker headdress, tilts her head as though she's looking at far distance. Official licensed and produced by SEGA Japan. Excellent quality with detail painting for a reasonable price.


chrismandesign said...

it’s been a while since the last time i played a console game... and it was not precisely one of this kind, it was Dead Island, full of zombies and gore action, uhmmmmmm !!!...

very good work on this PVC statue, the few things i have seen, made by SEGA, are quality collectibles and as you said, the prices are in the reasonable side... the sculpt is dapper, i like specially the job on the rifle, a tad oversized but with a reminiscence of those used in the WWI and the WWII, the color scheme is wonderful albeit not so suitable for military purposes (since is set in an alternative universe, is pretty fine)... also very nice background, pal !!! =)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

When u mentioned about Zombie, I just couldn't help think of 'Walking Dead' and all the other zombie movies like 'Dawn of the Dead' and of course, 'Zombieland'. Anime wise, it's definitely 'High School of the Dead' and 'Ko-re-wa Zombie Des' translated as 'Is this a Zombie?! I remember a game of a gal eating candy and killing zombie with chainsaw... I couldn't quite remember the title... Hee Hee

Back to the PVC statue before I side track too much. It's really and awesome Bishoujo and thanx to SEGA, we still have the chance to have nice and good pricing, prize figure. Thx for liking this background! I took Alicia for a walk around my estate and found this suitable site. The mosquito there had a good feast on me though.

deSMOnd said...

bro..i notice that u like to take a picture of figure's little panty :)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

There's the infamous pantsu shot that Bludrakon and I shared... LOL...


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