Sunday, 10 August 2014

STANDart Tallgeese III

STANDart Tallgeese III Pic1 photo STANDartTallgeeseIIIPic1_zps315dfa1d.jpg

STANDart Tallgeese III Pic2 photo STANDartTallgeeseIIIPic2_zpsb3a5ff2a.jpg

STANDart Tallgeese III Pic3 photo STANDartTallgeeseIIIPic3_zpsb8da08e4.jpg

STANDart Tallgeese III Pic4 photo STANDartTallgeeseIIIPic4_zps714fd6b1.jpg

STANDart Tallgeese III Pic5 photo STANDartTallgeeseIIIPic5_zpsc9b56beb.jpg

STANDart Tallgeese III Pic6 photo STANDartTallgeeseIIIPic6_zps960a986e.jpg

STANDart Tallgeese III Pic7 photo STANDartTallgeeseIIIPic7_zpsb1401a0a.jpg

STANDart Tallgeese III Pic8 photo STANDartTallgeeseIIIPic8_zps2515089f.jpg

STANDart Tallgeese III Pic9 photo STANDartTallgeeseIIIPic9_zpsb62cb258.jpg

STANDart Tallgeese III Pic10 photo STANDartTallgeeseIIIPic10_zpsf9aece7f.jpg

STANDart Tallgeese III Pic11 photo STANDartTallgeeseIIIPic11_zps791c84c2.jpg

STANDart Tallgeese III Pic12 photo STANDartTallgeeseIIIPic12_zpsc61e7cae.jpg

STANDart Tallgeese III Pic13 photo STANDartTallgeeseIIIPic13_zps97be3a64.jpg

STANDart Tallgeese III Pic14 photo STANDartTallgeeseIIIPic14_zpsac3dd126.jpg

STANDart Tallgeese III Pic15 photo STANDartTallgeeseIIIPic15_zpsa0779cf3.jpg 

Another of Fusion Work's FW popular toyline on Gundam in a form of Candy Toy. Why I said so cos there's real chewable candy inside, which is long expired by the time I opened the box. I guess having a candy is more of a tradition since it's the toy we are interested in, most of the time. Anyway, FW STANDart has an attractive artwork of the figure which gave a good idea to what you would be getting. Instead of stuffing the empty space with bubble wrap or cardboard, the figure and accessories were nicely laid out on plastic insert. 

They made awesome non-posable collectibles especially when you display a few together. A STANDart illustration of Tallgeese III, piloted by Zechs Merquise, from Gundam Wing OVA 'Endless Waltz' which come with a card showing the mobile suit stats and history (in Japanese). Highly detailed Tallgeese III miniature with emphasis on good paint job, standing approximately 11cm. The Mega Beam Cannon is removable, so are both the thrusters.


chrismandesign said...

this is a wonderful minifigure !!!... never heard so far about this line, but from what i can see, the "art" part of "StandArt" is well justified... really good sculpting, proportion and paint job, the same level i would expect for the latest gashapon figures (in a slightly bigger size)... i’m starting to appreciate much more the interesting mecha design in the Tallgeese... also the trading card in full color looks great !!!... the candy, well, who cares about the candy anyway LOL... =D

deSMOnd said...

He looks like a knight...

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Chrismandesign
It veri nice but I guess I won't be keeping it cos I have the 1/100 scale Arch Enemy version so I'm most likely to sell it on Ebay thereafter. I'm keeping some of the other GM StandART which I have review later.. Gotto go dig them them out ^_^ ... I like that "Who cares about the candy"... Just give me the toy! LOL

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

> deSMOnd
Zechs Merquise became more of a white knight after Gundam Wing, with a clearer sense of justice, without hiding behind mask.

Daniel Grove said...

I am starting to like these much better than the GFF series. Each time I try to move them, I am nearly sure to have something fall off X^(

Need to get back to the smaller ones or Gunpla as easier to work with!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Danial aka Bludrakon
I guess due the falling parts, Bandai had stopped GFF for 1/144 scale and proceeded to Robot Damashii. Seems like StandART is also slowing down for FusionWorks... They kept re-introducing new stuff from existing stuff... Lol.. I see u have used a new blogging platform my friend^_^


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