Sunday, 3 August 2014

DX 1/48 Victory Gundam LM312V04

DX Victory Gundam Pic1 photo DXVictoryGundamPic1_zps07c034d2.jpg

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A vintage standing 32cm that still upholds its reputation as the biggest Victory Gundam till today. Scale at 1/48, its in a deluxe class with the MS in styrofoam with the accessories needed for assembling. Armaments are basic like beam rifle, beam shield and beam saber. The beam shield and saber are made of red translucent plastic which I bet they are UV light sensitive. The fingers are adjustable for better grip and the thruster cover on the back can to opened and burners rotatable. Those are really great gadgets back in 1993 despite the bulky outlook of this gigantic scale. The real catch of this toy is definitely the transformable modes. From core, bottom and top fighters. Simply said like attaching the single core fighter to either the upper body (top) or section below the hip (bottom).


desmond said...

Bro, ist time saw Gundam in transformation :)

desmond said...

I mean first time..Hahha!!

chrismandesign said...

you can see how the years have passed, in the way this V-Gundam looks through the eyes of the new generations... is squat, the torso is too short and wide, the length of the arms and legs help a bit, but still looks like a midget... however, is faithful to the old Gundam mecha designs and the quality of the figure is really good !!!... as you said, the transformation feature is what makes this figure excel among other collectibles in the same segment and the core fighter has an interesting shape... =)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Desmond
I shall do more of these Transformable Gundam. To bad most of the kits are flimsy and pain to transform : (

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> chrismandesign
Understand in toy form, this Victory Gundam kind of chunky LOL... I guess it's for the purpose of transformation and making the toy more sturdy also to withstand rough play. I'm impressed by the plastic quality.

bluedrakon said...

I like these old Gundam as they had a wonderful simplicity to them before it got crazy with designing.

I love the transforming function, but I can understand the difficulty of it.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Those were the days when Gundam were nice and simple. I won't say Gundam these days ain't good but some really has too many accessories or armaments attached which makes it hard to handle when made into kit. Ideally they should be well designed and practical.

Camila said...

Hello Dennis. I'm a girl from Brazil and I'm trying to finish my "Dragon Ball Deformation" collection. I saw some pictures of figures that I need in your blog and I was thinking if you have some to sell. I'm looking for the special set too, the "fighting collection series". Please contact me if you want to negotiate. My e-mail is Thank you!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

That pair of Krillin and Gohan figures are my only deformed DBZ. Will email you soonest. Thank you for visiting my blog..


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