Sunday, 20 July 2014

Gundam Side Stories Missing Link Limited Edition + Innisfree Transformers Mask

Gundam Side Stories Limited Edition Pic1 photo GundamSideStoriesLimitedEditionPic1_zpsd435bd9b.jpg

Gundam Side Stories Limited Edition Pic2 photo GundamSideStoriesLimitedEditionPic2_zps6dbc3d01.jpg

Gundam Side Stories Limited Edition Pic3 photo GundamSideStoriesLimitedEditionPic3_zps621481dc.jpg

Gundam Side Stories Limited Edition Pic4 photo GundamSideStoriesLimitedEditionPic4_zpse6091c60.jpg

Gundam Side Stories Limited Edition Pic5 photo GundamSideStoriesLimitedEditionPic5_zps8c6eafe1.jpg

Gundam Side Stories Limited Edition Pic6 photo GundamSideStoriesLimitedEditionPic6_zps2871e6cb.jpg

Gundam Side Stories Limited Edition Pic7 photo GundamSideStoriesLimitedEditionPic7_zpsaf5b1b03.jpg

Gundam Side Stories Limited Edition Pic8 photo GundamSideStoriesLimitedEditionPic8_zps490e6de3.jpg

Tadah...Surprise gift from wifee!!! It definitely took her a bit of trouble and effort to get this Limited Edition Gundam Side Stories PS3 game. Guess wifee wanted me to be a trained as a MS pilot in this third person shooter dramatic high speed action Gundam game. The content included PS3 Game: Mobile Suit Gundam Side Stories, Mobile Suit Gundam Gaiden Series Original Soundtrack, Mobile Suit Gundam Gaiden Missing Link Booklet and a priceless Ganpura HGUC "Pale Rider" Limited Metalic Ver. Knowing GM kit is my favourite and Stanley for providing her those intels in secret.

Innisfree Transformers Mask Pic2 photo InnisfreeTransformersMaskPic2_zps8d89121c.jpg

Innisfree Transformers Mask Pic1 photo InnisfreeTransformersMaskPic1_zps402a9d50.jpg

 photo InnisfreeTransformersMaskPic5_zps9c1d4c89.jpg

Innisfree Transformers Mask Pic3 photo InnisfreeTransformersMaskPic3_zpsb12a4cae.jpg

Innisfree Transformers Mask Pic4 photo InnisfreeTransformersMaskPic4_zps7e807bd3.jpg 

The other surprise from wifee are these Innisfree Transformers Masks which Karen had helped to procure. I never know Transformers can also be marketed for beauty masks but I guess should be quite a norm for its country of origin, South Korea, where men took great care about their complexion. Optimus Prime Mask contents Acai Berry and Collagen which adds vitality and energy to skin. Whereas Bumble Bee Mask include Lemon and Vitamin C, giving whitening effect to your skin.


chrismandesign said...

this is a fantastic pair of gifts, pal !!!...

it reminds me why GOD puts a good wife and friends in your way through life =D !!!...

the Missing Link kit is a complete pack of experiences, almost for all your senses (is not included a Gundam cupcake by chance ??? or maybe that’s precisely the missing link LOL)... uhmmm the model kit deserves an individual publication, i think so...

OHHH !!! and i could not imagine a skin care mask licensed by Transformers (the advertisers have a bunch of crazy ideas lately)... i think a good looking face before the extinction is a must these days, LOL !!!...

gifts like these make my day for my birthday, but my family choose food instead... is great actually, but it doesn’t last as much as a collectible LOLOLOLOL...=D

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Oh yeah! It's really awesome gifts and I'm really blissful to have such caring and understanding wifee... Not forgetting my supportive friends in life as well as hobby kakis... If I continue, it's going to be a wedding speech ^_^

I have been enjoying the game but my skill isn't improve much... Must be my retard respond to fast action game genre... I'm surely a goner if this is for real... Lol... I will make assembling Pale Rider my next Gunpla project. Shouldn't be too hard since the plastic texture didn't really need a top coat. When blog about it once it's done...

I have tried out the Bumble Bee mask yesterday, relaxing for 1/2 hour in my room with the air-con switched on imagining myself in beauty parlour... Some contemplating whether to add in those embarrassing pics my wifee took.. Maybe not... LOL

desmond said...

Beauty products can relate to Transformers movies? Nowadays, as long as can make money, every company is willing to pay movie licenses to market their products..

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Goes to show the extent of Transformers had reached to the peeps out there ^_^ after all it falls down to money and cents at the end of the day. Lol

bluedrakon said...

Just shows how much the wife loves ya and is so cool what she did. Game and a model, how can you go wrong. Can't wait to see you in a Gundam after all your training!

Now for the face mask, ummm, not sure something I would do, but would be fun to wear for sure. Cross merchandising overseas is really bizarre as I would never see that here. Most men act like the Marlboro Man and too cool to be seen in one.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Very true pal ... I'm very thankful to my wifee and this is no doubt an ideal gift for me! I'm not too sure I'm Gundam material. Lol... Thanks for the encourage and welcome back ^_^

Marlboro Man! Just reminds me of looking manly and cool with cigarette in the mouth during schooling days and those bold Marlboro ads on Motor GP. Hee! Hee!

Stanley Lim said...

Lol kenny is asking me to buy pale rider lol

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

I know it feel wanting to get those hands to any GM stuff. Especially when Pale Rider is extremely attractive!


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