Wednesday, 16 July 2014

8" Dragon Gundam Action Figure

Dragon Gundam Figure 1 photo DragonGundamFigure1_zps5d397f86.jpg

Dragon Gundam Figure 2 photo DragonGundamFigure2_zps3f5551bd.jpg

Dragon Gundam Figure 3 photo DragonGundamFigure3_zpse194f037.jpg

Dragon Gundam Figure 4 photo DragonGundamFigure4_zps73f6f468.jpg

 photo DragonGundamFigure24_zps6cbdcd67.jpg

Dragon Gundam Figure 5 photo DragonGundamFigure5_zpsabb1df7c.jpg

Dragon Gundam Figure 6 photo DragonGundamFigure6_zpsb87ef4d3.jpg

Dragon Gundam Figure 7 photo DragonGundamFigure7_zpsaeb59ea0.jpg

Dragon Gundam Figure 8 photo DragonGundamFigure8_zpsb5afb1f5.jpg

Dragon Gundam Figure 9 photo DragonGundamFigure9_zps79adf05c.jpg

Dragon Gundam Figure 10 photo DragonGundamFigure10_zps739d1b5c.jpg

Dragon Gundam Figure 11 photo DragonGundamFigure11_zpsb3f4bc81.jpg

Dragon Gundam Figure 12 photo DragonGundamFigure12_zps7177ccdc.jpg

Dragon Gundam Figure 13 photo DragonGundamFigure13_zps8b53b22c.jpg

Dragon Gundam Figure 14 photo DragonGundamFigure14_zpsa02dd3a8.jpg

Dragon Gundam Figure 15 photo DragonGundamFigure15_zps69b8628f.jpg

Dragon Gundam Figure 16 photo DragonGundamFigure16_zpsf96426b1.jpg

Dragon Gundam Figure 17 photo DragonGundamFigure17_zpsf5bbb726.jpg

Dragon Gundam Figure 18 photo DragonGundamFigure18_zpscbd4e521.jpg

Dragon Gundam Figure 19 photo DragonGundamFigure19_zpsf09a3cd0.jpg

Dragon Gundam Figure 20 photo DragonGundamFigure20_zps4ecc61ec.jpg

Dragon Gundam Figure 21 photo DragonGundamFigure21_zpsc30ef26c.jpg

Dragon Gundam Figure 22 photo DragonGundamFigure22_zpsaa3b272a.jpg

Dragon Gundam Figure 23 photo DragonGundamFigure23_zpsb294410c.jpg 

Was going through so of my earlier posting to find out the few pics were taken of this toy so you can call this a version 2.0 review. Why I can it a toy cos the feel action figure has a rather plastic feel. The packaging is the Japan version however I had replaced the actual toy with a reissued version for US market. As the toy is approximately 8", is provided at presentable height for display. From an alternate time line of the Gundam series, very untypical setting tournament which can be a bit berserk to some. 

This Gundam represented Neo China and since myth regard Chinese as descendant of the dragon which resulted the creation of Dragon Gundam. The chest of MS is like a dragon ball and it's forearms had these majestically chrome dragon heads. There is a bendable dragon tail on the back of the head like pigtail kept by Chinese during the Qing dynasty. Like most other G Gundams, the toy came with the core fighter which has 4 funnels attached to it. These 4 funnels supposedly joined up to form the weapon, a pole with beam flag. Can't do so for the toy, nonetheless the pole and flag are included as accessories to the set. 

Not to forget, the core fight are to be attached to the Gundam to form the backpack. The figure on the another hand had been limit by the lack of articulation with ball joints only on the thigh while other joints can only go back and forth. Play the toy long enough, you should be able to get some nice poses. The toy is pretty abundant in market for an inexpensive price.


chrismandesign said...

for me, this is the theatrical review 1.0 "you must (not) be kidding me", since i have not seen the previous one, LOLOLOL...

the overall mecha design and color scheme in this mobile suit, reminds me pretty much the Altron Gundam from the Endless Waltz Series, but a simpler version...

definitely, the quality in the vintage toys is beyond doubt, the years don’t seem to have passed for this action figure, it has a wide range of poseability (at least, in the pictures) and the white and golden plated parts are still almost intact, the forearms dragon covers are my favorite element of the design !!!... =)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

I first post about this toy back in year 2008, having only taken a front and rear pics of the box. That's version 1.0.. Lol. Well, it had been over written.

Agreed that both Dragon and Altron Gundams shared similar colours and design to a certain extent. In terms of year they were introduced, Mobile Suit G Gundam was aired first. I guess that made Dragon Gundam the more earlier concept.

No doubt the quality of the toy is pretty impressive and the play factors definitely there. I hope to redo a few more of these series of action figures.

desmond said...

Bro, the overall figure looks like Guan Yu and the lower part is very heavy :)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Oh yes, Guan Yu BB Gundam in Sangokuden shared the same colour scheme too. Just there it took the design of ZZ Gundam.

sl619 said...

This is old school with the visible pins and bolts. HAHAHAHA

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Good to look back at the past once in a while to see how far had gone beyond.. Lol


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