Thursday, 26 September 2013

Gunpla Builders World Cup 2013 GBWC Singapore Entries

 photo GBWCSG2013Pic1_zps7469b03b.jpg

 photo GBWCSG2013Pic6_zpsd0c6c0a6.jpg

 photo GBWCSG2013Pic2_zpsc125479e.jpg

 photo GBWCSG2013Pic4_zps56c01db2.jpg

 photo GBWCSG2013Pic3_zpsa3417945.jpg

 photo GBWCSG2013Pic5_zps23be4c9f.jpg

 photo GBWCSG2013Pic8_zps520f6a4f.jpg

 photo GBWCSG2013Pic11_zps18223af1.jpg

 photo GBWCSG2013Pic9_zps2cd7adad.jpg

 photo GBWCSG2013Pic10_zpsa0b0546d.jpg

 photo GBWCSG2013Pic7_zps0c43f910.jpg

 photo GBWCSG2013Pic12_zps531b99e6.jpg

 photo GBWCSG2013Pic17_zps37652fc9.jpg

 photo GBWCSG2013Pic13_zps5a653a3b.jpg

 photo GBWCSG2013Pic18_zpsd136de1f.jpg

 photo GBWCSG2013Pic14_zps3767bd0b.jpg

 photo GBWCSG2013Pic15_zps855823c8.jpg

 photo GBWCSG2013Pic16_zpsaa857dd0.jpg

 photo GBWCSG2013Pic19_zps47d63c6b.jpg

 photo GBWCSG2013Pic20_zps2a1cfb4f.jpg

 photo GBWCSG2013Pic21_zps1377b7eb.jpg

 photo GBWCSG2013Pic22_zpsd628369f.jpg

 photo GBWCSG2013Pic23_zps11c00093.jpg

 photo GBWCSG2013Pic24_zpsc99e2cf4.jpg

 photo GBWCSG2013Pic27_zpsd1cd6569.jpg

 photo GBWCSG2013Pic29_zpsb5d89144.jpg

 photo GBWCSG2013Pic28_zps51b3c64e.jpg

 photo GBWCSG2013Pic30_zpsbc8f3e1a.jpg

 photo GBWCSG2013Pic25_zpseb238b88.jpg

 photo GBWCSG2013Pic26_zps82fb7c64.jpg

 photo GBWCSG2013Pic31_zps3ccf3f5c.jpg

 photo GBWCSG2013Pic36_zps57d304cd.jpg

 photo GBWCSG2013Pic35_zps941fa678.jpg

 photo GBWCSG2013Pic37_zps4b992a58.jpg

 photo GBWCSG2013Pic34_zpse5e11347.jpg

 photo GBWCSG2013Pic33_zps81f74fcf.jpg

 photo GBWCSG2013Pic32_zps5a4949df.jpg

 photo GBWCSG2013Pic38_zps3ace7e03.jpg

 photo GBWCSG2013Pic41_zpsbbc3c540.jpg

 photo GBWCSG2013Pic39_zps0fcee14c.jpg

 photo GBWCSG2013Pic42_zps9048ae30.jpg

 photo GBWCSG2013Pic40_zps753fca30.jpg

 photo GBWCSG2013Pic44_zps68c7a90b.jpg

 photo GBWCSG2013Pic43_zps3702f78e.jpg

 photo GBWCSG2013Pic45_zpsc576db29.jpg

The exhibits of Gunpla Builders World Cup 2013 GBWC Singapore Entries to me is undeniably the highlight realm of Gunpla Expo Singapore. Artifacts that's inspirational with creative and skills from different age groups and all walks of life. It's a projection of shear dedication and hard-work from the local Gunpla community, striving for recognition internationally. They are also viewing feast unique from regular Gunpla you get to see at the event. 


chrismandesign said...

there are many interesting works in this contest, a lot of effort in the dioramas, specially those which includes minifigures of pilots, officers and/or mechanics... but the number one in my preferences, is the diorama with a Gundam abandoned in a forest with vegetation covering it, is quite realistic and fanciful at the same time !!!... =)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Results gbwc

First : david - the sinanju
Second : jeong fok - stein
Thrid : chars dream attack on white base

New challenger

First : the super shiny wing
Second : sinanju stein with lotz of vegetation

arvinangeles2012 said...

Congratulations to all the winners! Especially to my friend who made the Sinanju Stein with vegetation, titled "Pax Aeterna (Eternal Peace)". In which there is a tomb of the pilot with a small cross under the tree. Isolated in an island as the Mobile suit stays in his master through time.
Thank you Dennis for these great pictures. (y)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Thank you for the comment Arvin. Glad that your friend make to merit. Bet u and your friends had fun at the expo! Cheers.. Hope to see u soon ^_^

Om3ga062012 said...

A lot of great entries this year. That Hi-nu with armed armor DE looks badass, too bad he didn't win. Congrats to all winners!!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

They are all very well built and I bet the judges had a hard time. Lol .. It's always subjective and these contestants are already winners in their own ways.

deSMOnd said...

Did leon ku participate in the competition?

bluedrakon said...

It continues to surprise me the imagination of the builders. I want some of them so I can build them with my son!

Andy said...

talented builders. i am not into gunpla but that minion bear catches my attention. such a hot trend for now.


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