Thursday, 25 July 2013

Gundam Cafe Booth @ Tokyo Anime Fair 2013

Gundam Cafe Tokyo Anime Fair Pic1 photo GundamCafeTokyoAnimeFairPic1_zpsab56711d.jpg

Gundam Cafe Tokyo Anime Fair Pic2 photo GundamCafeTokyoAnimeFairPic2_zps0255127b.jpg

Gundam Cafe Tokyo Anime Fair Pic3 photo GundamCafeTokyoAnimeFairPic3_zps76c3e8e6.jpg

Gundam Cafe Tokyo Anime Fair Pic4 photo GundamCafeTokyoAnimeFairPic4_zps49de6fb5.jpg

Gundam Cafe Tokyo Anime Fair Pic5 photo GundamCafeTokyoAnimeFairPic5_zps05dcdd0b.jpg

Gundam Cafe Tokyo Anime Fair Pic6 photo GundamCafeTokyoAnimeFairPic6_zps76966933.jpg

Gundam Cafe Tokyo Anime Fair Pic7 photo GundamCafeTokyoAnimeFairPic7_zps126dea68.jpg

Gundam Cafe Tokyo Anime Fair Pic8 photo GundamCafeTokyoAnimeFairPic8_zps5802dbdd.jpg

Gundam Cafe Tokyo Anime Fair Pic9 photo GundamCafeTokyoAnimeFairPic8A_zpsfb6ae7ee.jpg

Gundam Cafe Tokyo Anime Fair Pic10 photo GundamCafeTokyoAnimeFairPic9_zpscc3e6ee4.jpg

Gundam Cafe Tokyo Anime Fair Pic11 photo GundamCafeTokyoAnimeFairPic10_zps3ecc8b9a.jpg

Gundam Cafe Tokyo Anime Fair Pic12 photo GundamCafeTokyoAnimeFairPic11_zps4dffbdb2.jpg

Gundam Cafe Tokyo Anime Fair Pic13 photo GundamCafeTokyoAnimeFairPic12_zpsff0d38d0.jpg

Gundam Cafe Tokyo Anime Fair Pic14 photo GundamCafeTokyoAnimeFairPic13_zps58d605b5.jpg

Gundam Cafe Tokyo Anime Fair Pic16 photo GundamCafeTokyoAnimeFairPic15_zpsa0c62882.jpg

Gundam Cafe Tokyo Anime Fair Pic15 photo GundamCafeTokyoAnimeFairPic14_zps72192847.jpg 

Let's stop over for coffee, not just ordinary coffee but Jaburo Blend! What's more? A kawaii cosplay of female Zaft soldier who immediate took noticed of Agent 'S' Full Frontier jacket. And we know, the kawaii Japanese girl had changed her attire to double up as cashier at the booth. What multi-tasking! Not forgetting those free Banshee coasters that goes so well with the Banshee mug that 'S' bought me, which I will review at a later date. Had also snapped a few other Gundam related stuff at the event.


chrismandesign said...

coffee brake ??? sounds like a good idea !!!... a coffee shop stand is something innovative in a toy fair (at least for me) and by the pictures, i could say that they actually sold coffee and snacks... the Gundam mugs and dishes look neat !!!... in the MG releases i found quite interesting the black and metallic blue/grey mecha of the last picture... uhmmm i’m still wondering how the girl with the Zaft soldier cosplay could pose almost identically in the pictures along with the agents "S" and "K" LOLOLOLOLOL... XD

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Actually, I have been to few event whereby free coffee n mocha were given... In a way, Nescafé was promoting their coffee.

There are always more than just F&B at Gundam cafe. Their souvenir has always been a strong selling point.

About the kawaii cosplay, my only comment would be she's very well trained.. Lolz

Om3ga062012 said...

Jaburo blend? sounds interesting. After seeing that mug, i want to have it for my collection ^_^

Cute girls and nice full frontal's jacket :D

sl619 said...

how was the taste of "Jaburo Blend" if I may ask? HAHAHA!
It would be nice if they can bring these stuffs in during anime events in these parts of the world though

deSMOnd said...

Bro, I look forward to see your next post for more pictures of Gundam model kits..

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Ome3ga062012
Actually the Jaburo Blend didn't really taste tat fantastic... Lolz... Agreed tat the mug is quite the novelty... The lastest design is now Zeta theme...

bluedrakon said...

I don't know if my son would have been able to leave there before he bought everyone of those figures!

I would love to have that cafe here instead of a Starbucks any day :^)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> sl619
I also hoping there will be Gundam Cafe one of these days at SG event. I guess not, they want us to visit Japan instead. Lolz.

>> deSMOnd
I will make Gundam kit review in my next posting.

>> bluedrakon
Never easy being a dad.. ^_^ I like Starbucks! Good chill-out place, especially when they have 1-for-1 offer. Lolz


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