Wednesday, 31 July 2013

RG Freedom Gundam

RG Freedom Gundam Pic1 photo RGFreedomGundamPic1_zpsa849fd00.jpg

RG Freedom Gundam Pic2 photo RGFreedomGundamPic2_zps4e7268a5.jpg

RG Freedom Gundam Pic3 photo RGFreedomGundamPic3_zps04e0b4b6.jpg

RG Freedom Gundam Pic4 photo RGFreedomGundamPic4_zps04a27978.jpg

RG Freedom Gundam Pic5 photo RGFreedomGundamPic5_zps818e1526.jpg

RG Freedom Gundam Pic6 photo RGFreedomGundamPic6_zps01c4b585.jpg

RG Freedom Gundam Pic7 photo RGFreedomGundamPic7_zpsa0fad177.jpg

RG Freedom Gundam Pic8 photo RGFreedomGundamPic8_zps370b414f.jpg

RG Freedom Gundam Pic9 photo RGFreedomGundamPic9_zpsc8b12c14.jpg

RG Freedom Gundam Pic10 photo RGFreedomGundamPic10_zps2f2bcbf8.jpg

RG Freedom Gundam Pic11 photo RGFreedomGundamPic11_zps1f19ed26.jpg

RG Freedom Gundam Pic12 photo RGFreedomGundamPic12_zpsc89b838f.jpg

RG Freedom Gundam Pic13 photo RGFreedomGundamPic13_zps999cd65e.jpg

RG Freedom Gundam Pic14 photo RGFreedomGundamPic14_zps3f48d02c.jpg

RG Freedom Gundam Pic15 photo RGFreedomGundamPic15_zps0e8226ff.jpg

RG Freedom Gundam Pic16 photo RGFreedomGundamPic16_zpseb129d71.jpg

RG Freedom Gundam Pic17 photo RGFreedomGundamPic17_zps677afb9b.jpg

RG Freedom Gundam Pic18 photo RGFreedomGundamPic18_zps96a01d65.jpg

RG Freedom Gundam Pic19 photo RGFreedomGundamPic19_zps9b2e9010.jpg

RG Freedom Gundam Pic20 photo RGFreedomGundamPic20_zps52491eb3.jpg 

I know I'm still slow on blogging but I swear it's not because of gaming now but catching up on anime recommended by friends. I have just finish watching Valvrave season 1 yesterday ^_^ Have also started decaling my MG Z'Gok Char version for a comeback and doing more exercise, paying more attention to my fitness. 

Enough of myself as this post should be entirely on my friend's kit from the Gundam chat-chit club. This is my first review on a RG as you all know I don't really spend much time on Gunpla and especially so much of details for a 1/144 kit though I must say RG is well-engineered and looks good simply after built, pasting stickers and panel lined like you see in these pics. 

In my opinion, RG is really nimble and joints are prettier tight, so I get to do a lot for posing. My complaint would be the sabers on the side of hip kept falling off. Since RG is latest version for 1/144, Freedom Gundam comes very proportion and sleek for that matter. There's a good showcase of Freedom's complex weapon system and those extra fine graphical lines for panel lining added on the details.


chrismandesign said...

the RG Gundams must be a serious challenge for rookies in painting matters, like me, but the overall appearance is quite awesome !!!... the Freedom design is sleek despite the amount of accessories and weapons, it doesn’t look bulky or "crowded", i just love it !!! =)

Ant Sized Man said...

Looking great and wicked photo, sweet background to give the figure some anime style action scenes.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> chrismandesign
Count me in as a rookie too. I'm too scared to try RG. Lolz.. Still, it's fun playing with this finished product ^_^ In fact this is to me the best Freedom Gundam so far of those in similar scale.. Looks like at different angles..

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Ant Sized Man
Thanx mate! The background was gotten from a toy I bought in the past and it had proven useful at many occasions...

on_o said...

Looks great and I am inspired to go back to gunpla building. At least one for my office cubicle.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> on_o
I remember I still have an half built RG RX-78-2... Good time complete it.. Can display at your office then.. I bet it will look great.. Add spice to office desk

sl619 said...

RG's are heaven for straight build people. The details are awesome and space consumption is at a minimum

Om3ga062012 said...

It's nice to see the smaller version of MG gunpla. Even the panel line details much complex than the MG version

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> sl619
True that RG itself is already fine just by following the instructions. 1/144 is easier with posing on stand as well.

>> Om3ga062012
MG is gradually adopting RG outlook like MG RX-78-2 version 3 and MG is still my fav cos of its inner frame.

bluedrakon said...

Great set of shots and you reminded me that I need to pick up a couple Gunpla Stands for my son.

Valvrave is a good series and an interesting concept with the mecha.

David John Shewsbury said...

I never touch any 1/144 RG kit either.. they looks awesomely delicious but I just lazy to do any model kits work now... sigh...

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> bluedrakon
Good to grab some of these stands when on sale. I usually to so. The story of Valvrave didn't really excite me but I agreed on the concept of the mecha. Man! Season 1 really left me hanging.

>> David John Shewsbury
I'm in your league too mate, I will just do a little mostly from those assembled. I prefer to work on decals, line panel lines and spraying.

deSMOnd said...

Bro, love to see the weapon pack at the back of Gundam..awesomeness!!


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