Sunday, 7 October 2012

VF-1A Grunt Unit Super Battroid Figure

With this addition of grunt VF-1A Super battroid figure, I have completed the Arii series in batttoid mode. I had skipped the gerwalk figures as they would take up more space on display. A vintage figure that was released around 15 years ago during the 15th anniversary of Macross. Time flies to know that Macross is celebrating their good 30 years this year.

The figure came it blister card with bonus like a trading card and Misa Hayase figure. Very appropriate as Misa is the bridge controller of valkyries on board SDF-1. Arii had given this grunt VF-1A a lighter brown and unusually fast pack which I don't have impression that it appeared in the television series. This is a non-transformable 8" action figure and the rifle is the only accessory. Limited articulation as the limbs can only go back and forth.

I remembered these Macross figures selling at OG department store 15 years back and my wife (girlfriend then), bought me the VF-1S Roy and and VF-1J Hikaru as gifts. The awesome feeling of owning a Macross toy is still fresh, before there was any 1/55 reissued and the era when Toynami or Yamato was even heard of. How prehistoric....


Andy said...

bro, i guess the misa figure is more valuable than the battroid, hahaha.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Indeed, extremely hard to find gasaphon of Misa while VF-1A is like everywhere..