Thursday 14 May 2009

Reissued VF-19 Custom Fire Valkyrie

Front view of box

Back view of box

My most recent buy from CSC is this 1/65 reissued VF-19 Custom Fire Valkyrie from uncle Ng, two weeks ago. Visiting uncle Ng’s shop was the first stop and I already started my first purchase. Well, it does end there and I bought two 1/60 scale Orguss Orgroids at a flea market stall at very reasonable price. CSC on Sunday surely is good place for surprise buy of vintage toys. Another pleasant surprise at CSC, was to finally meet Juliana (Juliana’s Toys) in person and have the chance to interact with her.

About the toy: 1/65 reissued VF-19 Custom Fire Valkyrie is a bit harder to get, compared to VF-17D since VF-19 Custom Fire Valkyrie is piloted by the main character ‘Basara Nekki’. Bandai always give the packaging of reissued toys a new look and if you noticed, the reissued Macross valkyries by Bandai are always displayed in fighter mode whereas the vintage ones usually in battroid mode. Click here for a look at my vintage VF-19 Custom Fire Valkyrie.


LEon said...

When they say custom is it painted by fan or it is official products?

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

It's an official product. The original colour of this valkyrie I supposed is beige in the anime used by UN Spacy.

Since Nekki Basara used his own private customised valkyrie that is red, this valkyrie is then known is VF-19 Kai aka VF-19 Custom 'Fire Valkyrie'

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