Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Tear Ring Saga

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I discover this game years back when I bought the copied version. I was indulged playing the game because it has so many similarities with Fire Emblem. The game is so enjoyable that I spent a lot of effort looking for the original version.

I was so desperate that it drove me to source the game from Ebay. I didn’t have Ebay or Paypal account then so I had asked my best friend for help. This incident also spurred to explore the world of Ebay.

I did some read up on the ‘Tear Ring Saga’ and found out that the creator is this game is also the creator of ‘Fire Emblem’ game series. This tells the similarities of both games. Tear Ring Saga is turn-based strategy game was created by Shouzou Kaga after he left Nintendo. If not for Shouzou Kaga departure from Nintendo, I don’t think fans of knight fantasy turn-based strategy game can play such top-notch game on Playstation.

Many Fire Emblem fans had criticized ‘Tear Ring Saga’ as a cheat-copy of ‘Fire Emblem’ and Nintendo even sued ‘Tear Ring Saga’ developer ~ Tirnanog. Well, Nintendo lost a first and won partly after an appeal. That’s the reason why the sequel of ‘Tear Ring Saga’ had a slightly different map display.

I must really give credit to the game play and level of difficult of the game, especially if you want to obtain all the characters and special items. This is one Japanese game that would drive you crazy. The game is very popular among fans of knight fantasy turn-based strategy game so much so that someone had translated and emulated the game to PC in English version. Isn’t it cool!

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