Friday, 15 August 2008

Window shopping

Crispy plastic housing the Action Base

The back view of Action Base packaging

Display of model kit on Gundam 00 & Shin Musha

Display of model kit on C.E Gundam timeline

Display of model kit of BB Sangokushi

Can't help taking pic of Trinity siblings' MS

One pic is not enough! Here's another one with Exia + GN arms

I did a lot of window shopping the past two days to update myself on toys I like. My first stop was Takashimaya and I was delighted to see lots of Gundam 00 MSIA on shelves. I remember seeing Gundam Kyrio, Tieren, Throne Drei, Throne Zwei and Virtue Gundam. But the price ain't very pleasing. I wanted to get Throne Zwei but it's at a price of almost fifty bucks.

I also saw Mega Blok Gundam & Zaku. As for HCM Pro, it's mainly on Gundam W. At Takashimaya, I bought a clear action base so as to create more poses for my Gundam MSIA during phototaking. I'm heeding the advise from Ngee Khiong.

BHG @ Bugis and OG near Bugis Street are having stuffs more or less like Takashimaya. I took some pics with my handphone on some of the Gundam displayed on showcase.

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