Monday, 4 August 2008

Perfect transformation 1/60 Strike valkyrie VF1S

Three modes of 1/60 perfect transformation Strike VF1S

A pic I have taken at CS with my new handphone

My new handphone Sony Ericsson W890i is a gift from my dearest wife

It's about a month ago since I last visited China Square. It was after my night shift last Sunday but still I forced myself to go . I am not alone cos I dragged Jason along with me. One of the great stuffs I saw was this 1/60 Strike valkyrie VF1S with perfect transformation. The price ranges from S$140-S$170 which in my opinion is a reasonable price since it comes with the strike pack.

Some of the nice features I heard about this valkyrie are the glossy cockpit cover, detail logos and wordings imprinted on the valkyrie instead of pasting stickers and tight joints. Macrossworld had done a review on this valkyrie.

Despite these, I didn't buy cos I'm broke. Really regretted spending so much previously on my imperfect transformable valkyries. Bang my Head!

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