Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Macross Chronicle Vol 1

Front cover ~ Didn't choose carefully and got one with a tear near to the bottom right

The back of the magazine ~ Seems like Macross Frontier is out on DVD & Blue Ray

A nice drawing on VF1J Fighter mode

VF1J Millia and Red Fire Bomber

Wow! Minmay in Cheong Sum!

Article on 1/55 scale Macross toy

Article on 1/55 scale Macross Takatoku

Article on 1/55 scale Macross Takatoku

News on Yamato 1/48 scale VF1A Max TV. version

Take a look at the bottom right portion. The seller had already removed the coupon for the purchase of the above featured exclusive 1/48 VF1S Hikaru Strike Valkyrie weathering version. How dishonest! Anyway Jason informed that if you buy the magazine from 'Falcon Hangar', they would assist you to purchase this awesome valkyrie. The reliability of the information could not be established. Hee! Hee!

I bought this Macross magazine under the influence of Jason. He told me the magazine is a monthly issue and would end at the tenth issue. The pages are all printed in colours and there is a coupon that I could cut out from the magazine in order to purchase an exclusive 1/48 VF1S weathering version. Sound like a must have for all Macross fans.

Well, the artworks on the magazine's front cover sure is attractive. The narrations are all in Japanese and my understanding of what it meant were all base on 'Ahgaration' (guess). I think a Macross arch file would be released on a later date so that the pages from the magazine could be detached and enclosed in the file.

The magazine is quite informative as it features nice drawings of Macross mecha & characters, vintage Macross collectiables and the future merchandises. Have to thanks Jason for making me spend again.


Ngee Khiong said...

Very nice. Macross has such interesting history it deserves its own publication long ago. ^^

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Yah! But sad to say that beside the original TV version and DYRL. The other Macross animation continuation wasn't much noticed by the younger generations.