Sunday, 3 August 2008

Kampfer MSIA

Front view of box

Back view of box

Kampfer is one prototype MS assigned to Cyclops Team with the objective to steal or gun down NT1 Alex Gundam. When fully equipment, Kampfer really is a MS that is capable of serious bombardment. This MS is fast and deadly and was able to take out the Phantom Squad single-handedly. Unfortunately, it is unable to match with Titanium/Gundamium alloy made Gundam.

Above is my MSIA Kampfer that I'm keen to sell it away. Just want to keep the Gundam nowadays for more shelf space. Btw, I have found a site that features Gundam Fix Figuration ~ GFF Kampfer. The pics were damn well taken. Click here to 'Otaku Surf'.

Ngee Khiong also had given me a link for more pics on GFF Kampfer and it's prototype. Click here!

Kampfer in action...


Ngee Khiong said...

Yeah Kampfer was awesome, he gunned down an entire team of GM and Guncannon on his own ^^

Another gallery for Zeonography Kampfer/Proto Kampfer if you like, from GFF Maniax:

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Thx for providing the gallery address. Saw the pics on GFF Kampfer and the prototype. Now drooling...

getalife81 said...

That is a lot of collection you have there. Must have spend a lot on them.
I too have the problem of keeping my MSIA on shelves. A hell of time spend in arranging them.