Saturday, 9 August 2008

Chi Bi ~ Red Cliff

Sharing of my thoughts on some of the movies I have watched recently. One of which is Chi Bi Part 1. I love this movie and I think it's so far one of the best Romance of Three Kingdoms movies ever made. I hope I'm not being too biases since I’m a big fan of three kingdoms. Tony Leong has well portrayed Zhou Yu’s confidence and arrogance.

At first, I think Tony Leong was better fitted as Zhuge Liang than Takashi but my opinion changed when Takashi also acted well as Zhuge Liang in the movie, plus adding some humour as the great strategist who know almost everything but yet being humble.

The fighting scenes were realistic and the storyboard was close to the history. Only the ending part when the alliance generals went out to fight on their own without any backup. It’s definitely unwise and poor strategy there. However it makes the generals looks more cool, just like they are characters in Playstation’s Dynasty Warriors.

The second part would most probably be shown in December 2008. I wonder if Pang Tong would be featured in the part two.

Here's a 8 mins clip on the movie with trailer of part 2 in the last one minute...

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