Saturday, 9 August 2008

Yamato 1/48 VF1A Low Visibility

Front view of the box

Back view of the box

View of the valkyrie after the front cover was lifted up

Actually I took the pics of this 1/48 scale Yamato VF1A Low Visibility Colour Version cos I wanted to sell it away. This is supposed to be a limited edition version that resemble the conventional grey color scheme of Tomcat jet fighter planes. I bought this some time back during my keen interest on 1/48 scale valkyries, however it has now becomes a bit of an eyesore in my room. It's rumoured that this piece is quite valuable and could cost up to S$500/- nowadays.

I have tried putting it on Yahoo! auction but no one buy. Just a lot of questions and bargaining. My piece is still MISB wrapped in plastic. Would probably sell to Jason at a friendship price. Please visit my garage sale if interested.

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