Thursday, 3 July 2008

From Singapore Toy Games & Comic Convention 2008

Front view of the box

Back view of the box

Nice pic of MSIA Gundam TR-1 [Hazel Custom] from

Wristband and events guide book of 2008 Toy & Comic Convention

In summary, 2008 Toy and Comic Convention was well organized, strongly supported by the main players of toy industrial and overwhelming fans on gaming, comic fanatic and collectibles collectors.

Toys were also sold at discounted rate and as a bonus I have gotten myself a MSIA Gundam TR-1 (Hazel Custom). This Gundam is only featured on Hobby Japan magazine on Advance of Zeta. I fancy the shield of this Gundam especially because it share the same type of shield with RGM Custom. The story evolves of Titan test pilots and their mission to combat the Zeon remnants.

Last but no least, I also managed to obtain the wristband and events guide book of 2008 Toy and Comic Convention. In conclusion, I have enjoyed myself at 2008 Toy and Comic Convention. Shiok!

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