Sunday, 6 July 2008

1/48 VF1A Hikaru

Front view of the box

Back view of the box

View on the front cover flip over section

Size comparison between 1/48 scale on the left & 1/60 scale on the right. Btw, I have resprayed the 1/60 VF1A Hikaru with white epoxy spray paint to mask up the yellowing

Front and back view of the toy in battroid mode.

The two hands from the left are the original hands of the toy. Through Jason's lobang, I had managed to get the customised hands that makes battroid mode posing look closer to animation portray

Mr K recently feedback to me that there are very few postings on Macross on the blog. Sorry for that but the reason being so is because I wanted to save the best postings for last. Hee! Hee! Before my blog becomes a Gundam Blog, I better start posting something unrelated to Gundam.

My one and only Macross 1/48 VF1 that was taken out from box for display is this VF1A Hikaru. This valkyrie was introduced in Macross OVA 'Do You Remember Love' when Hikaru Ichijo was rookie member of the Skull Squadron, under the wing of Captain Roy Focker.

The 1/48 scale valkyries toy line was introduced shortly after it's toy maker 'Yamato' made a huge success in their 1/60 scale Macross valkyries range of toys. When Yamato launched the imperfect transformation of 1/60 scale VF1 toys, they had used VF1A Hikaru as the first wave. Yamato continue to gain more support when launched the bigger 1/48 scale VF1 toys and they adopted the same strategy by again using VF1A Hikaru as the first wave.

I wonder why Yamato kept using VF1A Hikaru as the vanguard launching toy that even the soon coming 1/60 perfect transformation Macross valkyries first wave remain as VF1A Hikaru.

There is no doubt that the prefect transformation 1/48 has been quite a breakthrough in Macross toy making history with all three transformation mode (fighter, gerwalk & battroid) being sculpted so closely to the valkyries in animation. Still, I have much difficulty twisting of the head right when transforming the battroid to fighter mode.

Personally, I still prefer the 1/55 scale valkyries by Takatoku and Bandai because they are not only my childhood toys but transformation is also much simpler.

VF1A Hikaru saving Minmay...


ANTON C said...

This one is nice!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Quite pricey as well cos one like this cost ard S$200. I have cut down on this collection.

Kamal has a lot of these. Will take as many pics as I can once his showcase is done.

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