Friday, 18 April 2008

Patlabor DVD collection

Region free boxsets including TV series and OVA.

In Japanese dialogue with English & Chinese subtitles

Original code 1 English dubbed DVDs (OVA & Movies)

Patlabor is also one of my favourite animation. It talks about a young female Police officer's passion with her assigned Ingram robot. The said female Police namely Noa even named the Ingram Alphonse (her late pet dog). Some may find the story progression a bit slow pace with little action. Nevertheless, there are a lot of humour in the anime and the setting is rather realistic. The mech is definitely well-designed. Really hope to have such Police mech in the near future. Cool!

The pic on the top are multi-code Hong Kong TV series boxset and original series boxsets that I plan to sell away. I am more into collecting the original code one DVD nowadays. The code one dvd boxsets that I have can be seen in the lower pic. They include the original OVA series and Movie 1 and 2. I have just ordered the Movie 3 on Ebay and is hoping to receiving it.

Nice OVA opening....

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