Friday, 18 April 2008


Mospeada is the last saga of Robotech. The story is about earth been invaded by alien call Invid and human from Mars & Jupiter space colony returning to reclaim mother earth. This anime is as cool as Macross. In the above pic, the boxset from the left is the multi-coded Hong Kong produced boxset. The one on the right is the code one DVD boxset (Japanese dialogue with English subtitle).

Just like the valkyrie, the alpha fighter in Mospeada series can also change in three modes. Apart from these, if the alpha fighter crushed, the surviving pilot can retrieve the cyclone bike from the plane. This cyclone bike is transformable and be worn by the pilot as armor suit. Unbelievable idea from the 80's. Checkout the amazing Mospeada toy range as well. I will feature my collection of Mospeada toys collection later........

Here's the opening of Mospeada animation....

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