Thursday, 5 April 2018

LMHG Evangelion EVA Unit-01 Extra Finish Model Kit

A comparison between the normal (left) and Extra Finish (right)

Adding on my previous post on LMHG Evangelion EVA Unit-01 Test Type, this is the special metallic coating color variant of EVA Unit-01 produced for Evangelion's 10th Anniversary. Bandai model kit of EVA Unit-01 used by Shinji Ikari in "Neon Genesis Evangelion" (Shinji Ikari Trading Figure not included). A rubber like sleeve encapsulates the joints in the forearms producing the iconic powered suit appearance of the Eva units. Iconic accessories include removable entry plug, umbilical chord, positron sniper rifle, progressive knife, pallet rifle, sonic glaive. Mouth can open! This is a High Grade limited edition EVA Unit-01!

The extra finish comes from the colors which are more metalic and thus more realistic than the normal HG original model. The extra finish chrome makes it very direct without the need for painting hence assembling it is fairly easy and it should not take more than two hours to build without counting decals application. It comes with a lot of accessories from the TV show such as the knife, the gun, the positron rifle, a spear and the power supply with its ombilical cable. Besides,You can open the back to insert the entry plug. The weapons are extra shining!

From head to toe it is about 20cm high and with the horn its probably taller however the horn is seems rather fragile and needed more attention. It has a lot of articulations like any Bandai High Grade 1/100 model. There are 14 points of articulation in the completed model kit. The head, shoulders, wrists, hips, instep armour and ankles have ball joints for full range of motion. The jaw, shoulder armour, elbows, knees and feet move on hinges as well. The torso features 3 points of articulation allowing it to bend forward, back and side-to-side. Some short comings include the stability of the built kit and you definitely don't want it to fall front, breaking the horn. Over time, the chrome starts tarnishing as shown on the pics.


deSMOnd said...

The extra finishing looks much better...

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Desmond
Chrome and gloss finish usually appeal to masses. However I the odd ball ^_^