Sunday, 24 December 2017

Dragon Ball DBZ - Jacksdo Resin Saiyan Space Pod + Shodo Vegeta Figure

It's common to find the Bandai's Figure-rise Mechanics Saiyan Space Pod however I somehow have a different taste of having an unlicensed (by Jacksdo) Saiyan Space Pod made from resin. In fact this resin Saiyan Space Pod was released even before Bandai's decision on Figure-rise Mechanics. Maybe Jacksdo did inspired Bandai to make more accessories for their figures such as Saiyan Space Pod ^_^

The reason of having the resin Saiyan Space Pod was because of the impressive weight and moreover it came custom painted. Of course the paint work was not excellent and the inferior lacked the details. I see most collectors used it as a prop for Dragon Ball DBZ S.H Figuart however I find the small 10cm resin Saiyan Space Pod more ideal to accommodate candy toy figure such as the Shodo toy line.

The best candidate and without introduction would be none other than the proud Prince of Saiyan, evil Vegeta during the invasion of the Saiyans. Anyway this pod is way too small for Nappa! The figure is not a perfect fit to the Resin Saiyan Space Pod however it managed to squeeze into the tiny cockpit for the space pod to be fully closed.

This Vegeta figure came from the 4th installment of Shodo series. Stands approximately 9.5cm (3.7") tall and includes interchangeable hand parts. For a candy toy, it possessed a high quality molding and an outstanding number of articulation points allow for dynamic action posing to replicate scenes from the anime. My personal favour is still the scouter worn by Vegeta!  


chrismandesign said...

This is a fabulous pair that looks very nice for display and almost like they were made one for each other, which is very difficult to achieve with two collectibles from different manufacturers !!!... What a pity that the interior detailing and paint job on the pod is too basic, because externally is more than decent... On the other hand, the Shodo articulated figurine is awesome, with great features for a candy toy, that make it an attractive option, I love it, even Vegeta would be envious of looking this good !!!... =D

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Chrismandesign
Yes bro, it rare to see different companies with toys of such compatibility and I am delighted during the photo shoot. I agreed that the exterior of the pod is a lot better and the interior lacks details. I like the weight and painted finished product. I’m impressed with Shodo DBZ candy toy figurines now having Vegeta and Bardock.. I enjoyed playing them despite the smaller size.

David John Shewsbury said...

It makes me think, probably this is how Bandai/Sotsu/Sunrise get the idea of those mecha "Balls" LOL LOL LOL.... Try paint it with pink color, looks more masculine and pretty like princess!!!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> David
It’s all about borrowing and adding on new ideas.. lolz .. Innovation ah... Gundam has a longer history so I give it to Sunrise on this.. The two anime are so different to start with.. hmm.. I wonder why are they associated in this discussion ^_^

LEon said...

Wow I didn't know there was a third party making to scale to a bandai product. Well done!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Leon
Yeah bro! Kudos to this third party! Vegeta will be proud : )

deSMOnd said...

This one can really tell the difference and quality of official products and unlicensed products..

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Desmond
For a quick fix, it would think this product is pretty cool beside the lack of interior details. I do have a big pod by Banpresto Ichiban Kuji deep in my storage.