Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Bandai Classic Godzilla Millennium Figure

Bandai Creations U.S released figure of Godzilla 2000 based on the Japanese to capture a revamped / resculpt 'King of Monsters' in 2007. Takes a brilliant icon of monster movie history, and makes it even better. Made of hard vinyl so it extremely durable. Decent-sized size of 6.5" (height 16cm and length 24cm) which made it comfortable to handle and display. 

You bet I do have a lot of fun playing with this figure while photo-taking. This version looks really ferocious and definitely one of the best Godzilla design ever! Snarling head, the long tribal like nearly tattoo inspired looking back spikes. The Bandai Creation Godzilla 2000 figure has the spines more spread apart creating a more realistic look. Pose in a way it moving forward and roaring at the same time. Be warn of the ultimate Kaiju ^_^ Get ready to an all out brawl,ripping apart Abram tank and Gipsy Danger props! Damn! You should have added Evangelion!!!

This is a massive beast and the detail of rough skin and purple enormous spikes on the back looks phenomenal but on the other hand, the nails paint job may seems kind of sloppy. At certain angles, I feel that this Godzilla appeared a bit cross-eyed. The tail is curled at the tail end which I think increases the center of gravity hence increases its stability and also easier for accommodating into the packaging. 

The posture of the figure seems to give an impression that the tail was elongated. It's limited to 4 points of articulations mainly the horizon rotation of the T-Rey's arm and back and forth of the legs. Can't really bend the legs much as the pose would look awkward as well as throwing the figur off balance (Tip toeing right leg). The Bandai authenticity print is at the base of the foot. Reasonable priced and valued for money.


chrismandesign said...

This particular version of Godzilla is a curious evolution, very in the mood of japanese monsters design, kind of caricaturesque/cartoonish, even power-ranger-esque, if you know what I mean, but not the kind of monster I like (it still looks like a costume with an actor inside), yet, it’s a popular culture icon undeniably !!!... It’s also the suitable kind of enemies that a Jaeger or an EVA could manage, but I’m afraid that Godzilla turns out to be a helper in the second half of its movies so, it’s not a ruthless enemy after all... =D

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Chrismandesign
It’s a Japanese culture and the magic of filming of trial and error during the days without CGI.. Godzilla kind of advocate the bad of nuclear weapon since the Japanese felt it. It’s recently I started to like giant monsters and Ultraman. More like recapping my childhood movies and shows..

deSMOnd said...

I guess this is the old school Godzilla..

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Desmond
Is this a released for the U.S market like a reintroduction to Godzilla and was released after the millennium. This version is very much to my liking...