Sunday 26 November 2017

D-ARTS Pokémon Blastoise Kamex Action Figure

I can't consider myself as Pokémon enthusiast however I'm into any Blastoise or Kamex (Much known in Japan). My all time favorite Pokémon since the beginning. Bandai D-ARTS line does not disappoint with this high quality Pokémon figure. The paint on this figure is fantastic, I love how poseable it is - great facial expressions like the openable mouth plus hands and legs joint-gestures abound. Bandai even decided to make the claws and toes articulated but I'm came with one of the toes broken. It's was a preowned item so it my bad not to care the item carefully on purchased. 

The paint on this piece is just amazing with matte finishing. Its an ideal size in decent 6"(11cm) for a display and it is bigger that most of the Blastoise figurines ever releaed. The set comes with two effect Hydro Pump parts, which are supposed to be water blasts for the pair of cannons which strongly reminded me of Mobile Suit Gundam, Guncannon. Comes with base resembling a round Pokéball and stand for more dynamic posing and stability. I preferred the figure by itself since the figure hold up well I'm please with its sturdiness.

Family Photo!


chrismandesign said...

I didn’t know you were fan of this particular character of Pokemon !!!... It kind of makes sense once you compare Blastoise with the Guncannon mobile suit and you even have a small group of other characters in your collection, nice !!!... I don’t like Pokemon serie, but some characters are appealing and I have a Picachu in my collection for fun sake, I love it !!!... Incredibly, some of these products are arriving to local department and retail stores, mostly made by TOMY, but the quality control is not so good so, I passed on them =/... =D

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Chrismandesign
Maybe or it is just me who see the resemblance between the two . Anyway, I just love both Blastoise and Guncannon. I like the very first series of Pokemon and this character the most. This figure is the rarest but I guess I like the soft vinyl and the most for its cutest and in the end just kept the vinyl in my collection.

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