Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Katsuden's Era of Singapore Police Force Fast Response Car FRC - 1/24 Scale Toyota Corolla

This Singapore Police Force SPF Fast Response Car FRC, had strong significant on me and carried a lot of weight in my heart since it was the type of FRC, I used to drive on patrol during my active days. I took pride in my previous profession and still looked up to this crime fighting blue force even after I had left the organisation. 

Anyway, I am still serving my National Service NS as a reservist and often catch-up with my old colleagues. This is a gift from a friend, who is also benefactor which I guess, he wanted to remind me that the force will be with me. Eleven years of Police service had widen my horizon and enriched my life skills and plenty of life experiences. Made me the man I am today, taught me to treasure my loved ones as well as good cores values as life compass. 

This replica was customised using a 1/24 scale white Toyota Corolla, Remote Control RC car. The decals are stickers pasted on the body and of course using acrylic plastics making up the blinkers and GPS electronic disc on the roof. Not forgetting to mention the small black antenna. The FRC bears both the old Singapore Police Force SPF Logo and the Neighbourhood Police Center NPC, that I was previously attached with. The registration plate number was personalised, bearing my service number and suffix is the first alphabet on my name.  All FRC will start with the prefix "QX".


chrismandesign said...

OH YEAH, beware with the strong arm of the law, man !!!... I respect the work of police corps all around the world and that’s another reason why I appreciate you as friend and fellow collector !!!...

Being police officer is a risky profession; here in my country, there are some regions where to belong to the police corps is virtually a death sentence, due to some conflicts with guerrilla groups that are still in force and sometimes organized criminals put rewards for killing policemen, due to the capture or death of their ringleaders in police raids so yeah, it’s anything but an easy task...

On the other hand and talking about less thorny topics, well, this RC police patrol customized like your previous work tool must be a great gift and it looks very nice !!!... I would have liked to see the work on the interiors, but rarely RC models display interiors due to the mechanisms and motor, that take a lot of room and not to mention the batteries... P.S. HEHEHE, I found kind of fun to hear the gun shots in the soundtrack you used as background in the video !!!... =D

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Chrismandesign
I can understand that belonging in the Police Corp in some parts world are seriously risky and I shared the same respect for the enforcement agencies especially to those commitments to their jobs.

About the toy, it's unfortunate the windows were opaque so it didn't show the interior.

As for the video, I used the theme of my local Crime Watch program during their early years of the program. It gives me that nostalgic feel. Thanx for watching the video.

deSMOnd said...

My elder son told me that he wants to become a policeman so that he can catch thieves..Haha!!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Desmond
When we are kids, the tv series always influenced what we want to be when we grew up. Good your son has a that sense of justice in him!