Sunday, 9 July 2017

Five Star Stories FFS 1/100 Scale Mortar Headd L.E.D Mirage With Flame Launcher

There's not many FFS stuffs around and I'm feeling lucky to get my hands on this older version of WAVE 1/100 scale kit. I got it from local buy/sell phone app Carousell and had since "Caroubuy" more than I sell. Anyway, I bought mine preowned and seller had built and painted the kit. I kind of welcome it as all I need to do is just put it straight on display. 

The 1/100 Scale Mortar Headd L.E.D Mirage stands really tall at approximately 25cm, taller than average Gundam of the same scale. It's bulky and flimsy in my opinion and requires builder a lot of thoughts to make the kit stands properly with all the insane extra fittings. Not to mention that the legs are pretty wobbly. It explained why the previous owner decided to mount the kit on a stand with another custom stand just to support the Flame Launcher baggage on the rear. Not forgetting the hard time I faced, transporting the kit home. The scale of the kit is so huge that it could't fit into my display and I had to literally remove the Flame Thrower and flight pack. Personally, I prefer the basic look of the mecha, just equipped with the katanas. 

I didn't read FFS manga though I heard a lot of the amazing arts and have only watched the anime OVA which I didn't see L.E.D Mirage. Somehow, whenever I make searches of FFS, the title always associate itself with L.E.D Mirage, piloted by holy knights. The design of Mortar Headd L.E.D Mirage is simply knightly yet elegance. Did you see those high heels pointed feet? Like I mentioned before, I'm thrilled by the templar colour scheme and insignia on the shield. Like a unicorn, the mech has long Laser Cutter, which sticked out from the forehead. Apologies, I didn't take pics of the fully mounted Mortar Headd L.E.D Mirage with Flame Launcher, just lay them all in the last pic.


chrismandesign said...

The mecha design for the Five Star Stories is absolutely magnificent and enigmatic; there is an obvious reference to the medieval age, but the rest of elements come from other sources of inspiration and I do admire the work of Mamoru Nagano for this Series... I wonder why the complete set of art books that comprises this FSS Series has not been translated to english until now... This was a great finding pal, the model kits based on FSS are rather expensive and impossible to find in this side of the world... Precisely due to the particular design of this combat units, the use of a display base is virtually unavoidable, they are extremely slender, with those huge backpacks and long weapons, that make balance a truly hard task, but they look imposing just standing there !!!... =OOOOO

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Chrismandesign
Indeed, this kit is magnificent and majestic despite its age and surely have a new Volks version would be amazing too. FSS may not be familiar to mecha fans of a younger generation and the publicity didn't seems enough too especially when it came out in an era when internet was unheard off. The era when manga and anime did a lot of medieval and mecha crossover such as Galient Panzer, Dunbine escaflowne and etc..

deSMOnd said...

If you can add some weathering on the white body parts, it looks awesome!!

Yami said...

You should the manga a read Dennis! this series is practically one of a kind in Mecha genre

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Desmond
Thanx for the great ideal bro!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Yami
I hope there are translated English manga for easier reading. Thanx for recommendation Yami!