Sunday, 12 March 2017

Patlabor MG 1/35 AV-98 Ingram 2

Can't help relating this machine to its pilot, Isao Ohta, who is such a funny bone. The type of gung-ho-guy who is all actions without thinking rationally. Ohta is such a trigger happy, so much so this model kit comes with his favourite shotgun. Ohta often pulled out his firearms even though the threat was low and at densely populated area. 

An overall similar design to Ingram 1 except for the shoulder pads and head sculpt that comes with with larger visor (the visor needs to be painted green as it is transparent). There's always these epic moments of Ingram 2's head been knocked off even before Ohta could start his rampage. Well deserved Master Grade treatment by Bandai, it snaps together beautifully standing approximately 23cm. I only need to do penal lining and paint some of the yellow lights to improve the finished result. Most paintings were on the pilot inside the cockpit. Not to mention the cockpit can be opened to reveal the pilot. Comes with standing figure (Kanuka) as well but I didn't bother painting it.

Weapons set of baton, long baton, shotgun and revolver. The revolver actually is stored in the right leg just like in the anime. The right forearm can be extended to reach the revolver while standing. I have bought one with 'Patlamp Flash Unit' whereby the LED would light up the blinkers on both shoulders. The real fun begins when you activate the LED patrol lights on the model's shoulder. The six LEDs create a realistic rolling light effect that makes these kits really stand out. Watch my video to see the blinking blinkers...


chrismandesign said...

HAHAHAHA... You would say I’m a violent guy (blam, blam, blam !!!... ARRRGghhhhh !!!... Sorry, someone was pissing me off and I had to take care of that LOLOLOLOLOL @.@), but I’m a believer in the philosophy of: "shot before, ask later"... In that sense, mr. Isao Ohta is the kind of person with I would get along instantly, LOL !!!... Even the head design for his labor is better that that of the Ingram 1, not to mention that I love the shotgun included with this model, the right choice for a badass police, don’t you think so ???... =OOOOO

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Chrismandesign
I never know u are such an action man pal! I would say you are a lover not a fighter and a religious man ... lolz .. The shotgun is really cool and suited the pilot exactly ^_^

LEon said...

Good work on the build bro!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Leon
Thanx bro! Most top coat on this just the head portion need more painting.

deSMOnd said...

Any different between the two figures you showed here?


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