Sunday, 17 July 2016

Katsuden & Family @ Chara Expo 2016

Katsuden & Family @ Chara Expo 2016 next week! Instead of being a Lone Ranger, I'm making this year's Chara Expo a family affair, table for five. We were lucky to be welcomed with Ultraman "Meet and Greet" the moment we stepped in and I'm attracted to the robotic looking 12" Hero's Meister Ultraman and Ultrakaiju Humanization Project! Nice concept! My kiddos especially the boys, probably less-appreciate anime stuffs however they were keen to try out free games at Namco and shooting game 'Sushi Police' while my daughter was busily filling up survey for freebies.. Lolz.. They did received some free comic books along the way. I enjoyed reading those comics with backstory of 3rd generation Meijin - Gundam Build Fighters ... By the way, children below 12 years old gets to enter for free. 

Wifee had much attachment to Sailormoon but the price of the wand had put her plan to stop. Anyway, she paid a lot of attention to Doreamon booth too! As for me, I like the warm atmosphere of cosplayers passing by and the carnival mood in the air. Glad to learn that 'Sword Art Online' movie - Ordinal Scale,  will be out next year 2017. My daughter on the other hand wanted more of 'Love Live!', too bad we ain'y able to to catch the free 'Love Live! The School Idol Movie' screening. The Gundam booth there is pretty grand, unfortunately I'm already Gundam saturated after the recent 'Singapore Gunpla Expo 2016'. Still, I find those Nexstyle deformed Gundam pretty attractive. Didn't brought along my "Little Red" DSLR camera this time round to focus my attention on interaction with my family. Relying on mobile phone journalism and using photography apps to disguise picture flaws.. No cosplayers pic and I hope to redeem myself with pics of two kawaii plus sporting promoters, one at game booth and the other from survey booth ^_^


chrismandesign said...

Family that collect united, remains united... A saying says, LOLOL... What a great plan to go to this kind of events along with the family !!!... But I’m afraid that my relatives hardly would find attractive a trip like that and I guess that’s the case with thousands of collectors around the world ;(... There is a good dose of variety in the stuff you found at Chara Expo and seemingly everyone has fun, nice !!!... =D

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Chrismandesign
Thx pal! I understand the road of collector can sometime be a bit lonely as otaku suggest. Chara EXPO ticketing is very reasonable unlike some toy events that jacked up pricing a lot over the years that made it quite a rip-off.

deSMOnd said...

I believe it should be a nice and fun experience for your family :P

David John Shewsbury said...

Brilliant happy family photo, the rest are just filler!!!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Desmond
Yeah bro! I borrowed my brother-in-law car and drove there. Didn't buy need stuff there but instead got our loots from nearby Robinson sale hall event.. Lolz

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> David
Thank bro! An awesome way to summarize the event ^_^


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