Sunday, 10 July 2016

1/60 Scale Variable Fighter VF-2SS Silvie Gena

Before our memories of Macross II (Lovers Again) diminished into thin air, 'Evolution Toys' reignited the flame of deculture with a brand new toy design of 1/60 scale variable fighter VF-2SS Silvie Gena. In the past, the only closest transformable VF-2SS we could get hold of is the 1/100 scale 'Bandai' model kit. Seriously, I have not heard of 'Evolution Toys' as a toy manufacturer until this toy. Had came across many negative review that the toy is grossly overpriced and that the plastic is lousy but I still wanted this toy badly for the primary result that I like the anime so very much as well as the futuristic valkyrie design, which is closer to the VF-1 design. It's unfortunate that Macross valkyrie's design took the path of 'Macross Seven' instead of 'Macross II'. In terms of anime storyboard, the all-out-space-battle and soundtracks of 'Macross II' excite me more. 

Back to the toy, one major complaint most have is the inferior plastic quality and wide seam-lines. I won't say the plastic is exactly bad, just that the glossy surface kind of make the plastic looks cheap. However, I had been very cautious when transforming the toy as the fasteners securing each mode maybe locked it too tight and difficult to disengage. The toy is proportional and I have give credit to the manufacturer for the perfect transformation. I find transformation between fighter and gerwalk modes easier compared to battroid. Finding the fasteners and securing the swing legs can be challenging. My preferred modes for playing goes to fighter and battroid mode. Once again I so very like the futuristic design of the plane and it stand tall in robot mode. The head sculpt adopted VF-1S but having two antennas instead of four. I have taken pics of the VF-2SS with the 1/60 Arcadia VF-1J and in comparison, the VF-2SS seems bigger. It's pretty cool to see that Silvie Gena's VF-2SS, take on Hikaru's TV series VF-1J. By the way, I have preordered the SAP (Super Armed Pack) aka strike pack for VF-2SS just to complete set.


Yami said...

Vf-2SS is probably one of my favorite Valkyrie designs even if the series is not that popular. I am still kinda surprised that the toy got discounted rather fast after its release.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Yami
I wonder why the anime ain't popular and it's likely the protagonists didn't drew the attention. I think the quantity been released was quite limited as I don't see any selling at retail yet.

chrismandesign said...

I have not watched Macross II anime yet so, I don’t have any previous reference of this design, which for me is quite sleek and modern, like a "natural evolution" of the original VF-1S or VF-1J (as you already mentioned)... The collectible itself is astounding, but I’m pretty sure that the price tag will keep me safely far from it, for my own sake... With unprepared eyes, I can guess that this VF was designed for space combat, looking at the central portion of the fuselage, that is too bulky for fight on atmospheric conditions... It has, however, an elegant style, much more refined than that of the Messiahs that followed (which are fantastic anyway)... In that sense, I agree with you that it would have been interesting, to continue the story line posed in Macross II; but since the original VFs were designed for atmospheric conditions (in order to give them more realism or a better/easier connection with reality for the fans), I understand as well the decision of keeping the combats in the atmosphere rather than take them to space, where a lot of other anime series of a similar genre have taken place... =D

deSMOnd said...

I like its fighter mode..

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Chrismandesign
Nice analogy pal.. Still I like the VF-II more than those released after Plus timeline. Like old school vs new school of thoughts. Macross II had really nice OST too but apparently the protagonists kind of lacked the X-Factor.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Desmond
Fighter mode is cool, so is the battroid mode which is what I usually look for in Macross toys ^_^