Saturday, 12 March 2016

HG 1/100 Scale Gundam Wing Serpent Custom - Built & Painted

Gundam W Serpent Pic1 photo Gundam W Serpent Pic1_zpsvorpk3zp.jpg

Gundam W Serpent Pic2 photo Gundam W Serpent Pic2_zpslesdpbod.jpg

Gundam W Serpent Pic3 photo Gundam W Serpent Pic3_zpsgval2yje.jpg

Gundam W Serpent Pic4 photo Gundam W Serpent Pic4_zps9jr7fkvr.jpg

 photo Gundam W Serpent Pic5_zpsjvawg9es.jpg

Gundam W Serpent Pic6 photo Gundam W Serpent Pic6_zpssu634pv2.jpg

Gundam W Serpent Pic7 photo Gundam W Serpent Pic7_zpshmd8vypc.jpg 

I did a repainted to my Serpent Custom with white and baby blue over the dull khaki colour scheme, so it would look more Gundam like. Initially, I wanted to blue/white scheme alike the Sangokuden BB Xu Huang Serpent Custom however I got the colour wrong and blue ended up baby blue instead of naval blue. Quite the amateur work as I did not patty to fill up those seam lines. Added some water-slide decals so that it that it looks less plain. 

Built with toughness like tank, Serpent Custom equipped itself with double-barrel gatling guns in both arms, just like the ones Heavy Arms Gundam Custom is having. I have sprayed the weapons black and done dry brushing with silver paint. With its stout built, Serpent Custom could carry weapons, deemed too heavy from other MS like the bazooka as well as beam cannon attached to the backpack even under the force of gravity. An earlier Gunpla in HG grade but in 1/100 scale, a preferred size for me in projecting the hunk of Serpent Custom on display. 


chrismandesign said...

This is a very atypical Gundam from a very atypical Gundam saga (Endless Waltz) and one that I would overlook when I was beginning in this hobby... But somehow, these bulky and strangely designed mobile suits, armed to the teeth, began to win a place in my heart since some years ago... I would say that a Gundam in baby blue looks less menacing than it should, but in terms of the overall effect, I like very much the result here and it gives me the feeling of a good hearted medieval warrior in mecha version !!!... =D

Yami said...

I thought Serpent was not this chubby but i do have soft spots for these 1/100 Gundam Wing Kits, they will still look good with proper works on them.

deSMOnd said...

Bro, your dry brush skill is good...

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Chrismandesign
I guess I was thinking of United Nations peacekeeping force during the choice of colour. The head visor is pretty small and is easily mistook as monoeye. I kind of like the bulky design as it's built like a tank. The weapons are ferocious too! Lolz

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Yami
I think it's the colour! White will make the kit look bigger ^_^ I'm also a true believer that with good touch up and spraying any kit will shine.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Desmond
I only use can spray.. Didn't do a good job for this. Apologies...


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