Thursday, 15 October 2015

Linebarrel Mode-B Megahouse Variable Figure

Took me a long while to finally managed to get hold of a Linebarrel action figure after having watched the anime. One of my fond mecha anime with in depth character development and good fighting scenes. The mecha design to some of the machina (robot in the anime) may look a bit untypical however the protagonist Linebarrel sure won the hearts of all. Kouichi Kouichi Hayase, self proclaimed 'Ally of Justice' is the pilot aka factor, chosen by Linebarrel , besides Kouichi, Emi Kizaki, initial Factor (pilot) of Linebarrel, could also summon Linebarrel from another dimension and had the Machina appeared before them. Linebarrel has remarkable ability of regeneration, teleportation and has a will of its own at certain times.

Unlike many other mecha, Linebarrel don't seems to have feet. Its head seems smaller, limbs and body in-proportionately design, however the unique design kind fit the bill. The original colour of Linebarrel primarily white however Linebarrel's colour turned black and entered Mode B when Emi Kizaki took out the control of Linebarrel during desperate moment when was Kouichi beaten to unconsciousness. In Mode B, Linebarrel gained that short burst of amazing super-charged power and agility. I'm kind of convinced that it wasn't so bad after all for me only having this special black Linebarrel.

Seems to me that Megahouse is fond of making smaller but more detailed action figure of mecha between 14cm to 20cm. I find this palm size action figure a bit small for my collection, nonetheless I will make do with it as there ain't many figurines of Linebarrel around. Still, I have give credit to Megahouse for the neat paint work and nimble figure. Nice touch of gun-metal colour added to the figure.  

Anyway, Linebarrel melee weapons are two katanas. Linebarrel doesn't have projectile weapon. Who need rifle when it can just teleport. Other accessories include katana handles and scabbards that can be attached at the rear of the forearms. The complete sword could be slotted in the scabbard. That's when the sword handle came in the picture to simulate the swords being stored when the sword handle attached and covered the scabbard opening. There are 3 pairs of optional hands to make poses look nature. An additional bonus is the stand base that bears the insignia of Linebarrel (The design is very much like family emblem famous Japanese samurai family). I'm actually impressed that the figure could balance itself well even without the stand base.


chrismandesign said...

i wish i could have more collectibles based on this anime series =/... i watched the entire series recently (in japanese, with english caption) and it was a captivating experience !!!... i discarded that preconception i read somewhere else, that it has similarities with Evangelion, because it stands by its own... i’m fascinated with this mecha design, but at this very moment, the only collectibles i have from this series are barely a few gashapons (which are quite detailed despite their size)... i’m not familiarized with the Megahouse brand, but your delicious figure tells me that it offers a sweet deal actually !!!... great rendition of the infamous B mode of Linebarrel and certainly one that i would want to get, if i cannot get the Linebarrel and Apparition or Vardant model kits by Kotobukiya... =D

Yami said...

Wow this is really rare haul, i had the Vardant Variable Action but yours is quite rare too. Linebarrel Mechas definitely got some influence from ZOE, those delicious legs

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Chrismandesign
The watched the anime some time back so my memories of Linebarrels are a bit blurry. Still it has an important place in my heart. Do take note of Megahouse release as they had answered to many fans with releases of mecha from good mecha anime. So are really niche like Alnoah Zero and Majestic Prince. However, their item can be quite overpriced at times. I remember I had blog about the gashapon of Linebarrels with some of the mecha that were never released as action figure or kit.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Yami
This is nothing compared to Vardant Variable Action! Vardant is hardly seen ard and when I happened to see one, the price is outrageous! Good point out to the similarities to ZOE. Some good design would inspired future mecha design. Some Armored Core mecha are really awesome too :p

RiP666 said...

well made design for this mecha figure, sad thing is I didn't watched it yet T T

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> RiP666
Never too late to catch up on this cool mecha and never say never :p Be a hero of Justice!

deSMOnd said...

Still not get used to see a robot without its feet..HAHA!!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Desmond
It's a matter of time.. Ha! Ha! The latest mecha anime I watched with robot legs like this is 'Captain Earth'.

Truong Nguyen said...

I've been looking really diligently for the variable action ones from Mega house, since they are exactly like the one in the show. But luck is not helping me in the least..

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Truong Nguyen
Variable action figures by MegaHouse are indeed niche considering most people were focused on Gundam and took little notice of other mecha as especially those not within the radar of Bandai. It's a blessing that MegaHouse took interest in making these awesome mecha into action figures however at times at the expense of higher pricing. I must admit some were so highly sought which preordered closed too soon before we could even make a decision.. Sigh.. No worries bro, I believed patience would pay off. I got mine years after the anime release.


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