Monday, 21 September 2015

HGUC 1/144 RGM-89De Gundam Jegan ECOAS

HGUC Gundam Jegan ECOAS Pic1 photo HGUCGundamJeganECOASPic1_zpsf044d7ea.jpg

HGUC Gundam Jegan ECOAS Pic2 photo HGUCGundamJeganECOASPic2_zps132e13d7.jpg

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HGUC Gundam Jegan ECOAS Pic5 photo HGUCGundamJeganECOASPic5_zps11dd663e.jpg

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HGUC Gundam Jegan ECOAS Pic9 photo HGUCGundamJeganECOASPic9_zps3fde0694.jpg

HGUC Gundam Jegan ECOAS Pic10 photo HGUCGundamJeganECOASPic10_zpsc8df87af.jpg

HGUC Gundam Jegan ECOAS Pic11 photo HGUCGundamJeganECOASPic11_zpsc5df2667.jpg

HGUC Gundam Jegan ECOAS Pic12 photo HGUCGundamJeganECOASPic12_zpsca4e4284.jpg

HGUC Gundam Jegan ECOAS Pic13 photo HGUCGundamJeganECOASPic13_zps8181bcc2.jpg

HGUC Gundam Jegan ECOAS Pic14 photo HGUCGundamJeganECOASPic14_zpsb64d0665.jpg

HGUC Gundam Jegan ECOAS Pic15 photo HGUCGundamJeganECOASPic15_zps08cacddd.jpg

HGUC Gundam Jegan ECOAS Pic16 photo HGUCGundamJeganECOASPic16_zpse9ac7bf4.jpg

HGUC Gundam Jegan ECOAS Pic17 photo HGUCGundamJeganECOASPic17_zps506846d9.jpg

HGUC Gundam Jegan ECOAS Pic18 photo HGUCGundamJeganECOASPic18_zps99fd7255.jpg

HGUC Gundam Jegan ECOAS Pic19 photo HGUCGundamJeganECOASPic19_zpsfc2bf295.jpg

HGUC Gundam Jegan ECOAS Pic20 photo HGUCGundamJeganECOASPic20_zps84998ba8.jpg

HGUC Gundam Jegan ECOAS Pic21 photo HGUCGundamJeganECOASPic21_zps36662731.jpg
Customised pistol holster and screwed it near to the left ankle

HGUC Gundam Jegan ECOAS Pic22 photo HGUCGundamJeganECOASPic22_zpsc1ede881.jpg

HGUC Gundam Jegan ECOAS Pic23 photo HGUCGundamJeganECOASPic23_zps265c9949.jpg
Customised dagger from Gundam Build Fighters 'Amazing Kampfer'

HGUC Gundam Jegan ECOAS Pic24 photo HGUCGundamJeganECOASPic24_zps5f4f8981.jpg 

After having watched the final episode of Unicorn Gundam, I'm wanted to build myself one Jegan ECOAS type, similar to the one used by Convoy Haagesen. Since I'm not a professional modeler, I just tried my best to come out with some slight modifications. First, I joined up a few cross sections of PC part to make up the elongated scope at the center of the visor. I really like the effect of the luminous pink marker which I got from 'Daiso'. Next is additional dagger and pistol. After some research, I decided to use weaponry parts from Gundam Build Fighters 'Amazing Kampfer'. I had saw off a portion of the rifle holder to become the pistol holster and screwed it near to the left ankle. The dagger holster was glued to the left shoulder. Trimmed and cut the originally curved dagger to straighten it. The rest were just panel lining, decaling and a final top coat with matte spray. As for the weapon, it's the usual dull black spray with dry brushing thereafter. 

 Some facts on the product - HGUC RGM-89De Jegan Ecoas Type is here! It will come with a Bazooka, Beam Saber, Beam Rifle, and a shield. Marking stickers will also be provided. The visor on the head folds down over the camera lens for the extra flair a-la Dynames or the GM Sniper II! The bazooka included is the special general type.


deSMOnd said...

How tall is this figure?

chrismandesign said...

not many "low profile" Gundams (i mean, compared with the Unicorn and the like) can boast a menacing and "mercenary-esque" look, but this Jegan surely does a pretty neat job in that sense... the grayscale scheme creates the right feeling and your custom add-ons complete the special ops equipment... nice job there, pal !!!... =D

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Desmond
It's around 6" like 20cm in height. Too bad they don't have most grunt unit in MG.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Chrismandesign
Thanx pal for the kind comment. The ECOS colour indeed gave it a serious look and these minor add-on made the unit a lot more specialized.

RiP666 said...

noo, this is awesome bro,, nice mods you have here :D

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> RiP666
Thanx bro! The anime appearance was inspiring. No knowing that Robot Tamashii released was in the pipeline. Should have known Bandai better.

Stanley Lim said...

yr custom is neat bro!!!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Stanley
Thanx bro! The mod was nothing much. Just something to try out and for the fun of it :p

Stanley Lim said...

u should have send this to gbwc bro!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Not good enough bro. This only top coat.. Bo standard... Lolz


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