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Dragon's Crown Fighter 1/4.5 Scale Polyresin Figure

Dragons Crown Fighter Figure Pic1 photo DragonsCrownFighterFigurePic1_zps766f3754.jpg
Appearance on art book

Dragons Crown Fighter Figure Pic2 photo DragonsCrownFighterFigurePic2_zps9164b2d4.jpg

Dragons Crown Figure Statue Pic1 photo DragonsCrownFigureStatuePic1_zps4a114d2a.jpg

Dragons Crown Figure Statue Pic2 photo DragonsCrownFigureStatuePic2_zps4e38331d.jpg

Dragons Crown Figure Statue Pic8 photo DragonsCrownFigureStatuePic8_zps0f85fccd.jpg

Dragons Crown Figure Statue Pic3 photo DragonsCrownFigureStatuePic3_zps183ab2a1.jpg

Dragons Crown Figure Statue Pic4 photo DragonsCrownFigureStatuePic4_zps77a8486f.jpg

Dragons Crown Figure Statue Pic5 photo DragonsCrownFigureStatuePic5_zps28a69cd9.jpg

Dragons Crown Figure Statue Pic6 photo DragonsCrownFigureStatuePic6_zpsa79448c1.jpg

Dragons Crown Figure Statue Pic7 photo DragonsCrownFigureStatuePic7_zps063edeb1.jpg

Dragons Crown Fighter Figure Pic3 photo DragonsCrownFighterFigurePic3_zps815140e4.jpg

Dragons Crown Fighter Figure Pic4 photo DragonsCrownFighterFigurePic4_zpsf0742a3c.jpg

Dragons Crown Fighter Figure Pic5 photo DragonsCrownFighterFigurePic5_zpsce582d24.jpg

Dragons Crown Fighter Figure Pic6 photo DragonsCrownFighterFigurePic6_zpse5cddd9a.jpg

Dragons Crown Fighter Figure Pic7 photo DragonsCrownFighterFigurePic7_zpsf2779a65.jpg

Dragons Crown Fighter Figure Pic8 photo DragonsCrownFighterFigurePic8_zps623fd7b0.jpg

Dragons Crown Fighter Figure Pic9 photo DragonsCrownFighterFigurePic9_zps279dde72.jpg

Dragons Crown Fighter Figure Pic10 photo DragonsCrownFighterFigurePic10_zps19990f08.jpg

Dragons Crown Fighter Figure Pic11 photo DragonsCrownFighterFigurePic11_zps93e164e9.jpg

Dragons Crown Fighter Figure Pic12 photo DragonsCrownFighterFigurePic12_zps9101235a.jpg

Dragons Crown Fighter Figure Pic13 photo DragonsCrownFighterFigurePic13_zps6708ca45.jpg

 photo DragonsCrownFighterFigurePic14_zpse4d9285f.jpg 

One of my more pricey purchases and considerably huge size. When I preordered this toy ( to be precise, poly resin statue ), I didn't realized its that massive though it says 1/4.5 scale by A-Plus with this reproduction of a strong bodily-heavy armor that looks lot more of the figure in person than in the game. Didn't look so big on pics as I do have 1/6 scale Bishoujo so I thought it should be just slightly taller. Forget to factor in that Dragon Crown Fighter is a man of height (36cm) and muscles for ultimate brutality in the game. My bad! A retro feel of 2D Action RPG game 'Dragon Crown' by ATLUS, similar to good old classic 'Golden Axe'. 

The nature of the material Polyresin sure contributed to the heavy weight of the statue which come close to 4kg. It's pre-painted, well detailed and ready for display with simple attachment of the parts. Amazingly sculpted by Ryuusuke which the paint hold up, especially the chrome on the armour. Comes with an alternate head whereby you can choose the character wearing the helmet or the handsome face without the helmet. Dragon's crown is a bonus to the figure. Picture reference shown the crown looped around the sword handle. Alternatively, you can put the crown on the head without the helmet. A fearsome look of the fighter in a heavily armoured upper torso however the legs seems a bit thin and at some angle he might be mistaken as a Minotaur ^_^ The 'Fighter' archetype from the Dragon's Crown video game comes to life.


chrismandesign said...

i was looking to the video included in your review and i think that the game (Dragon’s Crown) is pretty awesome !!!... i mean, it’s seriously my kind of game !!!...

also i think that with this polymeric resin statue, you have reached a brand new level in your hobby !!!... quite impressive in terms of size, with a delicate sculpt and excellent paint job... the shades seem exaggerated, but actually accurate regarding the game character and that androgynous face makes a good contrast with the fierce and humongous armor !!!... salute to Lord Destroys’ol !!!... =OOOOO

deSMOnd said...

The shoulder pads are very big!!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> chrismandesign
Glad you find the game appealing. It's quite contradicting that the face behind the heavily plated helmet is a fair fan boy face rather than a gung-ho face of carnage like 'Kane'. Lol ... That's with the armor is design by westerner and the face sculpted by Japanese. Never mind what I'm talking, they are all made up be me. Ha! Ha! This figure or should I say statue is more like an exception to my collection. Guess to collect whatever looks good to me! It's an awesome artifact ^_^

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Desmond
Yeah! Seriously heavily plated shoulder armor. Bro! You will be more impressed when you see the actual product! The look is just overwhelming!

Hidy Hu said...

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