Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Valvrave I Hito Model Kit

Any anime by Sunrise would stand a high chance of having either model kit or figure by Bandai. It's like a strong sponsor backing ready to roll out its merchandises. Here we have the model kit of first Valvrave in samurai style, featured in the anime 'Valvrave The Liberator'. Valvrave I Hito model kit is scaled in 1/144 and presumably in High Grade though it is not reflected on the box. After assembled, Valvrave I Hito stands (15cm) taller over average Gundam of the same scale.

Valvrave's mecha design is somehow humanoid which explains the high articulation for many great poses. I won't discount the effort by Bandai, making the model kit so nimble and at the same time, well balanced. What I dislike about this kit are the sensor senses nerves mounted on the back. These pairs of butterfly effect parts caused quite an obstructions whenever I tried posing or putting the katanas on the skirts. The other drawback would be the stickers. They are rather thick, not really adhesive and colour tends to run after several rubbings. The stickers are like bumps on the surface. I would rather have those thin plastic stickers especially for the insignia.

The things like about this kit are the abundance of weapons and the complimentary display stand. Cool meter weapons from rifle, sickles, katanas shields which could all be combined to one single weapon of mass destruction. The melee weapons and strike effect part comes in transparent plastic, as such some painting/spraying are required to touch the kit.



chrismandesign said...

i’m one of those who hardly watch the credits of the anime series and actually i know very little about anime studios... but Sunrise apparently happens to be one with a great portfolio of anime series... in addition to Gundam Series, one that was tremendously surprising for me was Cowboy Bebop...

i love this mecha design, despite the flaws you mentioned, is groundbreaking and the translucent parts are conveniently dosed for a wonderful overall effect !!!... =D

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Chrismandesign
When we talk about Sunrise, it's mostly related to Gundam and of course other mecha related anime which they would test market. Though it's much easier to tap on Gundam existing fan based and conditioning viewer due to previous liking can be biased in terms of rating. I would say Valvrave hit it right with a Gundam similar plot for a start and later tragic situations like Code Geass. The mecha design is quite a breakthrough yet appealing. Even though this kit maybe not meet certain expectations nonetheless I'm still glad that I at least to own and build a Valvrave ^_^

deSMOnd said...

Interesting..the green beams come from visor and backpack..Unique robot design!!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Desmond
Yeah. The plus point of the kit really are those effect parts. Valvrave also look good with the visor.