Thursday, 19 March 2015

M Con III 2015 Part 2 - Non Military, G Kit & Auto Mobile

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Previous M Cons were held @ Chapel along Middle Road while this year is a new venue. Personally, I enjoyed the spacious and conductive setting @ Alexandra  Retail Centre. It's a more open area and will attract more visitors. On the other hand, organisers would have spend more effort on crowd control and educate the visitors especially the children when get too curious and could keep their hands to themselves. Anyway, exhibition are opened to public and this year, the event is honored to cordially visit Mr Tan Chuan-Jin, Minister of Manpower as Guest of Honor. I ever came across an article that Mr  Tan is an military model kit enthusiast during his younger days. 

M Con provides a wide platform for entries of many kit genre even non military fantasy figure like Warhammer , garage kit on painted figures and even Auto Mobile which I especially like the red SUBARU car negotiating a bend. The car and surrounding were had in a realistic manner. 

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