Thursday, 19 March 2015

M Con III 2015 Part 3 - Military Planes Ships Tanks Diorama Kits

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'Hell To Fly In' illustrating plane crew escaping from their bomber parachuting.

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 photo IMG_9936_zpslnbuklkw.jpg

 photo IMG_9948_zpsrl8vtc5o.jpg

 photo IMG_9953_zpsupm4atfa.jpg
The diorama that carries strong sentiments and most represented this nation would definitely be the surrender of British to Japan. 

 photo IMG_9955_zpsqw2ui8rb.jpg

 photo IMG_9928_zpsc73wrcrj.jpg

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 photo IMG_9984_zpsntj7ksb4.jpg

 photo IMG_9979_zpsaby4fbdi.jpg

 photo IMG_9973_zpss322q5hj.jpg
Sherman tank featuring Brad Pitt's movie 'Fury'

 photo IMG_9976_zpsk0zznggp.jpg

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 photo IMG_9949_zpst0vvavpv.jpg

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 photo IMG_0033_zpsmt8bsxh1.jpg

 photo IMG_0031_zpsrzhk8yun.jpg

The highlights of M Con III Singapore 2015 would surely by military kits! Therefore this part comprises the most pics. In fact I was approached by the main organiser Mr Bernard who spotted me taking serious pics at the venue and we had a small conversation. Meaningful interaction there and I had managed to give my honest feedback on the event. The event is really focus, solely on exhibition for appreciation without sale booth. 

I love F-14 Tomcat and took more pics of the well built Tomcat. Another entry on plane that caught my eyes was 'Hell To Fly In' illustrating plane crew escaping from their bomber parachuting. I'm impressed with those details on the warships as they looks magnificent. There were lotz of tank entries of varies sizes, some were massive while others came with diorama. The rail-cannon is one majestic Hilter's mega-structure. I even saw Sherman tank featuring Brad Pitt's movie 'Fury'. The diorama that carries strong sentiment and most represented this nation would definitely be the surrender of British to Japan, Singapore under the rising sun.  


RiP666 said...

didn't understand the details but really love to see more military diorama here :D

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Rip666
Understand that military may look similar to Gunpla but yet very different. The diorama works can seem to apply on Gunpla as well.

deSMOnd said...

Great work done by those military fans..Their airbrush techniques are superb!!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Desmond
Looks like the judges will have a hard time. Lol

chrismandesign said...

if this convention gathers samples only from singaporean hobbyists, i must say that there is a lot of talent and commitment in the creation of masterpieces in scale, in your country !!!... all those dioramas are simply amazing, specially the ones that include soldiers with accurate garments and the careful weathered, mud, rust effects applied to many samples in this event... all the spectrum in the model kits world is covered, this is wild !!!... =D

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Chrismandesign
M Con is not just restricted to Singaporean and extended to expatriates modelers. I won't deny that as a whole the community is flourish with new flows of ideas each round. The participants have a certain standards and commitments to achieve some of these remarkable level. I always believe hobby is way of de-stress.

CH Leong said...

Dennis, I thank you taking notice of the Fall of Singapore diorama. You make my day.
As it being the smallest and simplest work among the rest, thought it would have passed unnoticed.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> CH Leong
The honor is mine to receive a comment for the maker of this meaning diorama. Truly love the concept and fine works. Cheers!


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